Getting rid of the TF street heat, and goin Cobra

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  1. No. But your mind is made up so use the cobra if you feel its better. I feel its money pissed away in trying to fix a problem that won't be fixed with an intake. I went high 12's @ 109 untuned with this intake on motor.

    If you used the gt40 intake instead, nothing would change besides the even more emptiness in your wallet and the price tag of that gt40 intake is a JOKE.

    You want my honest opinion on what you NEED to do? Dyno/track race the car. Is the clutch slipping? Are you getting valve float? Are your old valve springs up to par with the camshaft? Is the camshaft right for the combo? Is the tune off? Ask yourself these questions.
  2. okay I just read the anderson ford motorsport "trick as can be" article. It makes me believe that I am going to get my torque back. I have lightly ported mild heads, and a mild cam.... I have an intake that is made to operate at higher rpms. I think I just have to big of an intake here guys. I think the cobra is going to compliment my mild combo better and result in more torque. If I was making tons more power than I would stick with it, but I am not.
  3. i am not getting in this whole 'whos **** is bigger' match, but i would just throw out there that your throttle body is gonna be worth more than you intake.... :rolleyes:

  4. I have checked all of that, except taking it to the dyno. The clutch isn't slipping, the valves don't float (I accidently was able to test that:)) The valvetrain is GT40's and they are almost new. Everything is gravy. This wasn't my first option.... I have had problems ever since the install of this intake. And yes the price of the GT40 is a joke, but it is nice. On the other hand I do think it would make a difference, it is a nice piece.

  5. I already have somebody who has a 92 supercharged GT who is going to buy it for 350 bucks. :owned:
  6. smart azz... THE F U C K I N G COBRA!
  7. Easy Mike...I didn't miss anything. Funny how you slam that article in my face after I post the other article with pretty much all the intakes out is it that...that particular article had different results...? Have you owned a Cobra intake before...? So how would you know the results of the low end TQ between the Cobra vs the Street Heat? Have you actually made such a swap? The answer NO! You have NOT! Pactoff went from the Cobra the Street Heat intake...and still wasn't faster...So you have an intake like the Cobra that flows 205-210 cfm...vs the Street heat that flows 245 cfm...Shouldn't he be faster? BTW: at that time he ran TW's with an E-cam...along with rest of the bolt ons...And guess what there Mike...he lost low end by like 500 RPM...Guess what he did...Sold the Street Heat and got a Performer with a ported lower...If he didn't sell the Cobra to get the Street heat he probably would have kept that intake...

    AND how would you know how much power I'm making? I don't even know that myself since the last dyno run so much has been changed...I guess I must be doing something right with my "small parts"...and're comparing my heavy vert to your LX...really fair...hey want to compare my notch to your LX...and see what happens? My vert has much more left in it...did I mention my suspension is bone stock...and I couldn't even hook for the life of me...that car is easily a mid 12's car...But go a head and make more of those I know a guy who friend's car did this and that...try using personal experience...for once...and not some fairy tale story someone once said when they were incoherent...
  8. As i stated when i first posted that article, every dyno test they do they get different results. So i dont trust them. They just give ya a general ballpark number. Every combo is gonna be different.

    Do i think the Street heat sucks. nope. Do i think the Cobra sucks, nope. Both work well. with the proper combo.
  9. Dont worry about it green, this kid is an idiot. Who the hell installs all those parts and doesnt dyno it. And how is he only spending 16 dollars more. He just admitted to spending $380 on the ****tiest intake ever. He probably didnt install the cam right. Installing it straight up does not mean you degreed it. Whats your fuel pressure at? Your timing at? What gear are you running. Stop being a clown, sell your mustang, and leave us alone. You obviously dont know what you are doing!
  10. this **** need to go to jerry springer :D
  11. That sums it all up, next topic please :D
  12. Getting into it with people? Wow, thats a pretty thin line in your eyes. Sorry for talking so "rude" and asking for someone to explain something that they claim...and them avoiding it. Then when the time comes, they say they arent going to take the time to explain it and they arent an engineer. lol what a joke.

    Like i said above, alone with the million other people, it takes a COMPLETE combo put together right, installed right, running RIGHT to make the power and to get the results you seek. There are questions/suggestions that i doubt you even went into in this thread. On the springs, has someone educated in that area ok'd them for use with that cam? AFR heads come with crappy springs i believe and need to be changed almost automatically with any decent cam.

    Just like the guy said above, the reason a cobra MAY look better in a particular situation is because the cobra optimizes it. On that thread you posted where it was the same combo, with all the different intakes, well take a different combo and see what happends. A different combo MADE to work with the TFS will have BETTER numbers. Its plain and simple. Dont say a intake sucked...because there are a million examples of it working just fine(and no people arent making it up :nice:). Its better to say the intake didnt work well with your combo.
  13. sorry, ill do the math for ya... Cobra intake 374.95-TFS Intake 350 = 26.00, and yes the cobra is the ****iest manifold ever. And I never said I degreed it, guess you missed that too, I told you guys the fuel pressure, the timing... and yes, I guess because I am switching to a cobra intake I don't know what I am doing, my bad.
  14. GT40 Valvetrain from ford, I checked the springs at full lift, put in a few shims... the springs are fine.

    if I am mistaking your sarcasm for you being rude, them im sorry.... but im not going to get into it with anybody here. If that makes me a **** or something sorry, but just a while ago I was accused of being immature, so I figured I would clarify.

    I will take your opinions into consideration, thanks for your help.

  15. yeah cuz that was clear as day. :D I will just port the cobra when I get a different setup.
  16. nmcgrawj: they intake didn't work well for my setup :)

    (do you work for Trick Flow or something, because then this would all make sense)
  17. You're the joker here what you've brung! That seems to be the word out on the street...that's why owning a Mustang is such a thrill...nobody ever has the same combo...I'm not a brand loyal person...I can give credit where credit is due but than again at the same time I know quality from crap...To me it seems like your just another teeny bopper that just got his first Mustang...I've literaly owned Mustangs ONLY eversince I was 17 years old...I was once ignorant and arrogant as well...But for you to talk smack about situations you were never just plain stupid...I have personal experience on my side...what do you have? a statement someone esle made or a result someone else accomplished? Get real! I will say this again...the only thing the TFS intakes have going for themselves are the low price tag! END OF STORY! ANY intake...if one is willing to invest $200 into...will out perform a TFS intake...

    In the origninal posters situation...I feel that intake is too big...ONE does not need an intake that flows 245cfm for heads that flow under 200 cfm...and anyone that thinks the Cobra and the TFS street heat are the same should really drive a stock Mustang to know what low end feels's an idea...why don't you call Mr. Curtis...and talk to him on what he recommends as a daily driver combo...see what type of suggestions he gives you...from the intake to the heads...maybe than I will respect what you have to say...
  18. You know...this is a very ignortant thing to say...especially from you. I see no neccessity dynoing a car with a mild H/C/I set up...nothing an adjustable fuel pressure regulator and a timing light won't do...that is if you know how to use them...We're not talking about supercharger's here or the optimum performance either...I've always put cams stright to dot simply for the reason that majority of cams nowadays are built with a 4* advance anyway...and the timing chain only goes on one way...last time I checked...Degreeing a cam...sure do it...if you find it it neccessary...NO!
  19. I concur...its all in the combo...,however, do I feel the there are better intakes out there...YES! Intakes...TB's...MAF' something I am very meticulous about...
  20. hey crunchie, one thing that was mentioned at the begining of this thread was the fact that the lower TFS intake ports maybe larger than the intake ports on your heads. did you look into this by any chance? from what i understand that will kill power.

    also since everyone is getting a chance to put their $.02 in i guess i will as well. now i dont have any experience with the TFS intakes and i wont sit here and say they suck. however im just not convinced that their the best choice in any combination. from all the dyno testings that ive seen over the years it seems as though the street heat while sometimes peaking higher than the cobra doesnt have the usable torque that that cobra has especially for a car thats mainly driven on the street. then you move onto the higher flowing intakes like the track heat, and yet again it seems as though this intake loses too much torque. point being, the higher upper hp gained by the track heat is more than offset with all its loss of torque. this is where the edelbrock rpm seems to shine since it doesnt seem to give up on as much torque. again, im no expert no do i claim to be but these are my own personal feeling towards the TFS intakes.