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    My girlfriend's brother works at a dealership and and and he told my girlfriend's dad that there was an 03 cobra that some guy just traded in for a Honda because of the gas milage and that he was bringing it over for her dad to see and and and he might get it and I am in Waco right now like 90 miles away and sooooo jealous and my gf said is sounded SOOOOO good and that you could hear the s/c whine when he was getting on it OMG OMG OMG he might get it!!!!
  2. relax dude. Take a deep breath :D
  3. I dunno if I can, man...I want to drive it so baddddd. If I was there, her brother probably would have let me!

    *Inhales deeply* *exhales deeply* *repeats 10 times*

    k, I'm good now. Wow...this might be an amazing moment in my life.
  4. If it was me, the only test drive you'd be doing is going the length of the driveway. :rlaugh:
  5. what are you like 12 or something. :Zip2: :sleep:
  6. No but my Mustang is 1/12th as fast and sleek as that Cobra ;)
  7. Wow, you need a life....bad! my girlfriend's daddy might get a fast car and buy me some ice cream and then he said I could wash it but only if I ate my dinner but I hate carrots but i'll eat them for my girlfriend's daddy because he is like so cool and wow.....breath, deep inhale..........
  8. an 03 cobra? ppppfft...doesnt everyone have one by now? :rolleyes:
  9. my grandmother's brother's son's girlfriend's nephew's sister MIGHT be getting a cobra also! :rolleyes:
  10. big deal. Now if you were getting it then I could understand the excitment. go beat off and calm down!:D
  11. I drove a 500+ rwhp 03 when I was 16 and thats no joke it was cool but i didnt shoot a load over driving it lol (ya I did) jk
  12. If YOU were getting it, then you are allowed to freak like this. However, you need to go to sleep...for a long time...

    Why don't you supercharge your car if you want to hear a blower? :shrug:
  13. I would be wondering whats wrong with you...but after seeing your pic in the avatar, I can understand. (re: just got drama)
    haha oh may want to calm down a hair. I bet he wont even let you drive it lol.
  14. if your that excited over your girlfriends dad maybe buying a cobra, then what would you do to drive one.. scary...

  15. DUUUDE ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?! I cant believe your granmother's brother's sons's girlfriend's nephew's sister might be getting one! Thats SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! :banana:
  16. Chill man its just a Cobra and I would be scared to see you in it..I can see if he dose your gonna love the cobra more then your girl...
  17. hahaha jesus... way too overexcited
  18. lol.. i know.. cobras have been duplicating quicker than i thought.. lol.. where i live.. there's like 8-10 silver ones.. .. but what ever tickles your pickle right? i'll just stick with my mach baby.. eventhough cobras freaken rock!!!!!!!!!!1
  19. let me add.. .. there's 8-10 silver ones.. and the rest of the colors.. i just thought 8-10 silver cobras driving together would be crazy..
  20. lol you guys ripped him up :lol: :lol:

    I love mustangs as much as the next guy but WOW that post deserves someone to be :ban: