1. I just got home from seeing Ghost Rider. Pretty damn good flick. good special effects. Anyway, Eva Mendes gets in a car at on scene then drives away and the camera stays on her taillights. Now being the avid mustang fan that I am, took immediate notice to the fact that she was driving a black 94/95 mustang possibly cobra. I got excited durring the movie and was told to shush. :nonono:

    just had to post it up for you guys. also, now my girlfriend wants me to dress like that. :( :rolleyes:
  2. Sounded like a V6, shes hot though...
  3. she wants you to turn into a hot head???:shrug: and wrap a flaming chain around you.....you would be such a flamer lol:rlaugh:
  4. I wanted to see Ghost Rider, but the next showing was sold out, so we went through several other movies that were sold out before settling on The Messengers.......seriously......this......movie.....sucks......beyond.......all...........belief...end of statement...
  5. I want to see 300, ghost rider, and transformers preaty much in that order. Glad to see people are liking it.
  6. im not gonna lie ghostrider was the worst movie i have seen in a long time. Everything was cheezy, from the special effects to the overdone booming voices, etc. It seemed like a movie made for 10 year olds. I wanted my 8 dollars back:nonono:
  7. Good to hear people are liking this movie, I think I'm gonna go watch it tonight, if the snow stops
  8. Wow, I must be the only one not in any hurry to see this movie.
    I was surprised it was sold out last night. I like Nicholas Cage(Lord of War :hail2: ), but he looked like the worst possible person for this role.

    I saw Breach which was pretty good; obviously it's a little exagerrated compared to the real story, but that may have made the movie more interesting.
  9. i think it looks kinda crappy i like the comic book when i was 10 but nicholas cage i hate his acting i think hes lame and is gonna bring this movie down
  10. I heard it was a "b-" movie. They said it was ok. I sill want to see it though. Glad some people are liking it. Now I just need to find someone to go with
  11. actually i'm a huge ghost rider fan since i was 15yrs old......i thought it was a pretty good start up movie....because you know they'll make a #2....but the thing is the writers mixed both the original ghost rider and the second generation ghost rider....i took my kids to see it and they loved it...nic cage didn't do that bad of a job as johnny blaze.....the special effects i thought were outstanding...
  12. Good special effects, great movie for kids and Ghost Rider fanatics. Otherwise, its definitely not Spider Man quality. Infinitely better than Elektra though.
  13. lol, between spiderman and electra.

    not really a gr fan--never watched it, thus i never got into it. still wanna see it, though. i'm glad they're making all this comics into movies. too bad the x-men series is dead, but they're making a wolverine and magneto flicks.
  14. yeah, I guess that is a pretty wide range there...
  15. I thought it was pretty good. If I recall from the comic books, wasn't the central theme his struggle against the curse? Yet at the end of the movie he accepts the curse. This part drove me crazy.

    The movie Johnny Blaze was loaded and had Eva Mendez pining for him. Are you telling me that you sell that out to fight crime?

    Special effects were as good as they could be. You can only do so much with the flaming bike and skull and they seamed to do that perfectly. I thought the effect when they showed the close up of him going from the rider back to Johnny Blaze towards the end was extremely well done.

  16. well see in the original ghost rider, johnny blaze fights the curse because the gr he turns into does work for the devil, but the new ghost rider is a spirits of vengeance and is with johnny blazes(johnny was adopted into the carnival) brother danny ketch....actually its really complicated....but interresting.....