girl needing electrical help :(

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  1. :bang: i have a huge problem with my electrical system....its a 90 5.0 covertible...when i turn my headlights on, my dash lights go on and everythings fine, as soon as i turn my windshield wipers on, my dash lights go out except for my two turn signal lights (that aren't blinking) and the light that means my brights are windshield wipers horn wont honk....and my tachometer doesnt read.....then itll quit when it gets bored i guess and everythings fine.....i know a wire is grounding out but im a 21 yr old girl and even though i love my car and try working on it...its hard....any help? please :) :shrug:
  2. might want to post in tech
  3. Yeah the guys in 5.0 Tech would be glad to help a lady in distress :)

    In here we would just ask for pictures of said mustang and lady in distress :D

  4. Multi-function switch needs to be replaced!
  5. hahahah

    i have a pic of my car.....and i dont know how to use this site
  6. Come on we need a pic
  7. hahah i HAVE a pic....i told you!! i dont know how to use this site so i prally messed it up
  8. im so confused....and anyways....where is my multi-function swith at?
  9. welcome to stangnet. I 2nd that the switch is prolly bad
  10. multi-function switch is your turn signal switch..

    called *multi function* because its does several different things.

    and they are NOT cheap.
  11. eww cant do do you know its that and not a wire grounding......cause itll happen if i hit a bump...and sumtimes it doesnt do it at i being rude in the wrong forum? i dont know.....?
  12. [​IMG]

    here ya go

    I am digging the color, what is it?
  13. aww thanks!! its plum purple i has sparkles in it up close or in the sun..idk exactly what its called...i bought it needs a paint job..ima have it repainted the same :) i love it...
  14. oh and i got 17' pony rims for it..but i need a 5 lug converter..i knowwww those rims are ug...i have alot to do to embarassed of puttin mine on here next to yall's
  15. okay we got a pic of your car we now need a pic of u

    its a tradition in 5.0talk that when u post for the first time here you include a pic of yourself :nice:
  16. Trust me.....cuz we know......I have been there and done that.....they are about $150. good luck and welcome... nice ride :nice:
  17. hahaha if you click my name and veiw my profile you see me.....but i dont know how to get it on here like yours
    theres one on my profile page i swear!!!
  18. I juss see your car when i go to your profile page :(