girl needing electrical help :(

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  1. no- but I will buy one if I see it!!! Jello Egg Shots FTW :nice:

    :eek: :drool:

    Yes she did... And she pulled my beard.
  2. HOLEY COW i just seen that pic maaaaaaaaan :D :rlaugh:
  3. Hey get in line buddy :fuss:

  4. is that a photo chop ? ferr real ?
  5. My signature or dznrroses???
  6. no i believe that cats are stoned alll the time i meant dzznroses
  7. that's what I thought... Get in line!!! :lol:

    Just kidding. :p
  8. is she always hungry? by the way those pearly whites must be the whitest i have ever cum across :D
  9. *drum roll*

    duh dum chang!

  10. :D hey pre-verts......

    anyone wanna buy 4 17'' Pony rims?
    for a 2003 mustang?
    5 lug.....
    perty pimp....
  11. ^^^

    :lock: Daggar will have your pearly whites for posting that here. Put it in classifieds, someone will buy it :nice:
  12. anyone seen this chicks bewbs yet? :)
  13. *materializes*

    I can't escape this hell
    So many times I've tried
    But I'm still caged inside
    Somebody help me through this nightmare

  14. :nonono:

    ok thank you
  15. Yes, they are in my avatar........... :D

    I want the car in your sig... GIMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  16. Im not letting this thread die cause i want my bad 70's car.....
  17. No xmas love found here. And by xmas love, I mean dzrroses boobs.

  18. I know, right? she could at least put some bows or wrapping paper on them like boobie tassles or sumpin.
  19. Tis the season. :)
  20. ive been out of town
    thought id come say hi :)
    cars doing better!!
    merry christmas everybody

    nice avatar far beyond :)