girl needing electrical help :(

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  1. hello i got some candy lil girl :D j/k i got some pepsi though i hope your trip went ok ?

  2. Thanks... im thinking about getting implants later on, and kinda wanted to see how they would bounce.
  3. can she feel them FBD?
  4. Whoops goes my arm- I think it's out of socket! Come over hear lil girlie got some candy in my pocket

    -Bloodhound Gang

  5. :lol:
  6. Whoops heres my pepsi bottle and i got some bottle rockits lil girl

  7. Only is she calls me in the morning. Im tired of feeling used!
  8. woop there it is :hail2:
  9. Wait.... What???? Who's getting implants? Who's tired of feeling used?
  10. if FBD gets implants dzzznroses can feel them if she would calll him in the morning feeling not so cherry:shrug:
  11. Ahhhhh... I get it now. Whew! I was really lost there for a minute.
  12. damnit, i got confused.. i thought this was the LIES thread for a second.. i really dont want her to call me in the morning.
  13. ...but you DO want her to feel your boobs. Interesting :rolleyes:

  14. And i really wouldnt mind being used either... go figure :shrug:

  15. You and me both... there are LOTS of hawties out there that I'd love to be used by! :D
  16. So is it really a girl or not? Im so confused..
  17. She's whatever you picture her to be when you're lying in a dark room with your eyes closed while flipping ope the top of your sunscreen.
  18. hahahaha
    so true so true

    and i dont like candy....and i didnt wana call you anyways.... :p
  19. *makes sound of airplane crashing*