Girlfriend problems... Need some opinions/help

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  1. I’m going to go with it wasn’t an accident at all. It would be pretty tricky to accidentally text you instead of Bob since your names aren’t even close to each other alphabetically. So either she isn’t very bright, or she did it on purpose. Girls like drama, so maybe she did this to initiate a breakup so she can date someone else. Or maybe one of her friends/jealous friend did this to make you angry and break up with her. What I would do is ask her about it again, tell her you don’t believe her / trust her answer and ask if its ok to check her phone calls/text messages like whitestallion said. If she says she doesn’t want you to check it, then she is hiding something and then you should just end it without even checking. Hopefully she lets you check it and that will give you the assurance that she isn’t cheating. Then, after you check it and everything is ok, you have to apologize for not trusting her, and take her out to dinner or something nice. If all else fails.....PIITB.
  2. zzskyzz so whats the word???????
  3. Well, I had a talk with her last night and she swears that it wasn't her who sent it. I'm 99.9% sure that it was her ex-boyfriend that sent it because he's hated me since the beginning and I highly dislike him. I've been searching around online for ways to spoof SMS/Text messages and it's actually quite easy, for about .05 you can send a text message to anyone from any number. Last night when I got home I started to talk to some of my friends who are highly into phreaking [phone hacking] and they said it's kind of like computers to trace back information and it would have to originate from her phones SIM card and phone serial # if it was her that sent it. They said that they would do a trace for me and I should have it back tonight. Also, when I started really looking at the message on my phone [not just the message, but who it's from, how it was written and such] I noticed that every message I recieve from her [or anyone else] has "RE:" infront of the message. This message didn't; it was just the text. From when I picked her up last night to when we actually started talking she was in tears.. Down in my heart I know it wasn't her, but for some reason up in my brain tells me to investagate further... Then even if it wasn't her, I'll know whos neck goes in the noose.

    Anyway, Thanks for the support guys.. When I do find that it was her ex-bf I'll post his phone#... Give it to my phreaker friends, and post it anywhere I feel nessecary. can become quite useful.. I suggest checking it out.
  4. she might be putting on a front so be careful. Hey Pm you cell number and ill send you a text from her if you want me to. but then i would need both your numbers. so ill let me know and ill get to work.
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  6. Keep digging till you hit China man something tells me she's up to no good. Why is this Bob guy giving her $$ for prom and ****. Something stinks and it's not the fart I let rip lol. Tears mean nothing to me in these types of situations, being scared to get caught can generate them. Is this ex smart enough to hack her phone? This Bobby charactor need to be out of the scene ASAP to continue forward cause this will allways be in the back of your mind. Good luck.
  7. PIIBMother'sB as well....get him from all angles.

    [Canadian Brain at work/]
    Get your hands on her cell, send Bobby another "I want you" message.....see how he replies, that should give you a much better indication of whether she's done it before or not.

    If "Bobby" is surprised by it, then your girlfriend is being a little closer to truthful

    If bobby takes it casually, he's been parking the beef bus in tuna town, if you know what I mean :nice:

    It's an idea, and just might work

    [/Canadian Brain at work]
  8. thas a great idea, and it works. i got caught like that, my g/f texted a girl and then she responded to meet up in the same place!!!!:owned:
  9. Who the hell is this bobby guy anyways? Hows old are u and ur gf? Gave her money for the prom? WTF, why? How does she know him?

    If shes like 19-20 and hes 35-40 calling her, thats f'd up and she shouldnt be giving him the time of day. And you should clearly be having a talking to with this guy. Just show up at his house when his whole family is there.

    Who gives a crap about the dumb txt message, her talking to a 40 year old is messed up (who wants her), im assuming shes young though, u never stated her or ur age.
  10. I'm going the other way on the "Bobby" issue, yes he's a dirt bag! and deserves to be busted but getting in his face isn't a good idea. Why not let them hook up catch them in the act, dump your cheating GF. Send the tape or photos of them to Bobby's wife. She'll hate his guts, you'll have ruined Bobby's life, you'll have the last laugh on the GF. But it's really Bobby's wife and her kids that get crushed in this act of revenge. Remember its a dish best served cold. So let time go by, your GF will get brave, bone head Bobby will never see it coming. As it stands right now your pissed and nobody does their best dirty work with a hot head.
  11. Why not use your new found knowledge of text message faking to your advantage? You could start by sending the same type of message from Booby to his wifey, and the same for your GF's freaky ex-boyfriend. Then get real creative and forge more stuff. Like, I don't know, a death threat to Booby. Or a fake from your GF to him to test his reaction. Have some fun with your newfound hacking skills.
  12. question? how does the ex know about the bob character? Has he been in the picture for that long? > 6 months?

    Dude, I'm your age (21) and I'd be a little wierded out if my gf was talking to someone twice her age "casually". Bottom line is text messages are gay. seriously gay. if they weren't, this never would have happened.
  13. John, I have read you thread a couple of times and one thing keeps going through my head....
    This guy is married and has kids, has a house, business, etc... But he does call her [and hangs up when the wife comes], asked her to go on a boat ride with him
    If this "friendship" is legit then why does he hang up when his wife comes in....????????
    I've been in these situations back in the day and you "cannot" afford to think with your heart.....I am not assuming she "is" cheating.....but do not let you feelings for her "blind" you........If there is a red flag then you owe it to yourself to check into it......Aaron actually has a good idea if you want to pursue it.....text something along the line of " Bobby, that sure was a close one the other night, I'm still shaking" and see what type of response you get.....if you don't want to do that then one day call off work that she "knows" you will be at work and borrow a friends car that she won't recognize and do some following..........however this ends up I wish you well and you may not think so now but there are so many women out there and it is not the end of the will feel like it for a while but keep your time occupied...hit the gym, get a new hobby,....just don't dwell on it..
  14. definitely hit the gym. or get a heavy bag. does wonders.
  15. :lol: I'm with you on that one!
  16. Will, I love it when the stalker suggestions start coming. You're right the whole Bobbie situation is weird, but I wouldn't up the ante with the whole stalking thing.
  17. :D :rlaugh: Hey, it's the best way to "know" for sure......back in my mid 20's I had some bs given to me and I borrowed a car and set down the street with a pack of smokes and enough snacks to make it thru the whole night.....
    the look on the person's face when I confronted them was off the hinges ......and worth it......
  18. Guero - Can you please msg me ASAP with how to do that information.... Thanks..
  19. i say the shocker is in order
  20. Dude Let's end this..
    Real EASY Do you trust her?
    If your answer is NO Dump her..