Girlfriend problems... Need some opinions/help

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  1. i don't agree

    the whole question really is if he should trust her

    i've been on this end of a relationship, and the words "dump her" never was a viable solution....once there's feelings involved, it's a lot easier said than done

  2. exactly...
  3. OOOO how I know what your saying.... Theres no better feeling than love.. or getting affection from a girl.. Hard to lose man trust me! work it out... but let me tell you.. What Ive noticed... once u find someone else, you will look back and go.. WOW why was I wasting my time!
  4. ^^^^^ Couldn't have said it better myself
  5. meet with her and first words out of your mouth will be "I don't like to be lied to." then just leave. Don't wait to her what she says. Just walk out and never speak to her again. Most importantly don't return her phone calls when she tries to talk to you after.
  6. you dont deserve to be lied to man I would move on and stay strong, don't be brought down and used by others... your still young and can find someone else dont wait til your 45 to find out she is a cheat... its harder to find someone as you get older unless you have alot of money and gold
  7. i say you messagy bobby and say "im pregnant..."

  8. Is that for deaf people or something? I just tried it and their was an operator and everything.....kinda awkward. If you guys wait a little I can post a site were you just type what you want it to say but it is computer generated so you dont have to bother an operator.
  9. Link????
  10. Getting the operator to say "Does the operator sound like a dyke?" gets them every time..... She might even start cracking up... It's way better with an operator I think.
  11. Dude, you have to be kidding yourself if you think her ex-boyfriend hacked into her phone to send you a text message about this Bobby weirdo.

  12. Give me your cellular phone # and a # you want me to call you from... it's not as hard as many think..
  13. I don't think he is saying that it can't be done. I think he's incinuating that he "wouldn't" have done it.
  14. thats what i think, it would be a pain to do. Take her phone and text the bobby guy
  15. How is this done?? Explain.. I wanna mess with my ex girlfriend now!! LOL:flag:
  16. Wow.

    Well, if you believe that her ex-boyfriend hates you that much, and knows about this Bobby guy, that he went through the trouble (even if not hard) to hack her phone to send you a message, you are going to have many more girl problems in your life.

    The **** is lying, plain and simple.

    I hate to see guys that get such strong feelings they let a girl play them. Love, girls, it's all dandy and fun, until you get ****ed over. I have been there, and ignored signs.

    Do as you will, but be careful.
  17. zzskyzz was tripping when i called him from his moms phone!!!!lol
  18. True man be careful, gurls are just as bad as guys in cheating, but only difference is, the guys never tell no one that it happened, and girls tell everyone she can tell!!!!!!!
  19. so whats the update????
  20. ****'s fixed... I found out the problem and who it was...

    Lets just say that I took care of the person.