Girls names for cars

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  1. Turkey Sammich & Laser.........................:shrug:
  2. Medusa...Because she sounds evil!
  3. I call mine sally
  4. Most of the time a refer to my car as damnit, or SOFB A$$ POS. But when shes good to me and not tearing up shes just simply My Baby. :D
  5. Never named my cars...

    GF calls hers "Saidy" (not sure how you would spell it), but thats short for Mer"cede"s.
  6. Ashley, after a long time crush, who I never took action with, and she's now a best friend. Couldn't be happier.
  7. Weeeeeeeeird.

  8. that the car for sale in your sig?? lol
  9. Yes. PM me, and I'll tell you more about it. I'm also in NC, that might be something to think about.
  10. Yeah Yeah.

    Not pursuing her was prob. the smartest thing that I've ever done.
  11. you guys crack me up. I just refer to mine as the Notch.
  12. Mine is Matilda. She is a feisty one.
  13. There should always girls name for cars coz that feel will never come for cars if it has boy name sooooooo…….but there are male name too…like RR phantom, else let me think.,

    girls and cars
  14. Holy zombie thread for a first post. Just a note, but if it's not on the first 2 pages it's probably not relevant.

  15. That's all i ever call my car, but not just ****, THE ****.
  16. It's a double edge sword...if a person makes a new thread, someone will surely complain about "this has been posted soooo many times". If you actually search like people tell you to, and the post is years old and you bump it up, which is the lesser of two evils?
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  17. Please refrain from licking the windows.
  18. I only refer to mine as the red car.

    My cargo/work van is Eddie.
    Eddie Van Haulin' if we're talking full names. :rolleyes:
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  19. Mine is "car". Don't believe in nameing cars.