Girls names for cars

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  2. Up until a few days ago I only knew one female who named her car...and it was a girl's name. So a few days ago I was at work and asked a couple 20 somethings if they named their car and if so, what was the name. I was expecting them to say that only guys do that, but to my surprise they both had female names for their cars.

    In a way I guess it could be taken as sexist to name a car after women. Kinda like saying we own our cars so we own our women. However I think most people name them after women because of the personality similarities. Cars are unpredictable, fussy, picky, tempermental, bi-polar, spiteful, and will soak up all your money...just like women (even women agree with this). But we love them, protect them, go broke buying stuff, and always talk about them...heck I can't even stop thinking about my car...or women, haha!!

    Anyway, my 03 GT is Esmeralda...and my 95 GT is Cassandra. My grey 91 GT was named Gray Ghost. My grey 86 Z28 was named War. My black 87 IROC was named Port. Those are more like code names tho. I'd NEVER give my car a guys name. Just can't imagine myself driving a 11 GT named Gary, hahaha!!
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  4. haven't named mine, but my buddy refers to it as the "turdwagon" or "crustang"!