Give me the STOCK red-line on a 99-04 GT

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  1. Blackfang and i are having a war here lol :rlaugh: Can someone tell me the stock red-line for a 99-02 GT. He seems to say his friend has a slightly moded 4.30 rear end gear GT that trapped 105mph in 4th gear. And he says his friends same 02 GT (uncammed) red line is 6,250 RPM.

    I was under the impression that red-line in a Gt was 5,800 RPM. According to everything i've seen, red, and hell, even the tach says it. LOL

    So can someone enlighten us here....
  2. You are having a war. I am merely talking.
    Here just talk to guy since I was referencing him anyways. Car ran 12.9's with bolt ons
    [19:05] bamf70: 104.5
    [19:06] SVT4U2TRY: 3650
    [19:06] bamf70: yup
    [19:06] SVT4U2TRY: what is the redline on ur car
    [19:07] bamf70: 6250
    [19:12] bamf70: lol yea it was just really ****ed up
    [19:12] bamf70: factory tachs are completely accurate too right
  3. my tech threads totally F'ked :mad:
  4. Haha, BAMF. Like, Nightcrawler bamf, or the Dane Cook bamf?
  5. Wow. I never take mine past 6k...
  6. wow, man I appreciated your help finding that calculator in the other thread, but asked about stock redline, not peak hp.
  7. Blackfang You're friend MAY run a 12.9 but you'll find that you are both inexperienced and arogant to think that you know everything. You guys have a lot to learn if you think just because his car went ot 6,250 on the dyno makes you think his redline is that. :nonono: You're friend would be running much better times if he cooled down and shifted sooner.

    As you can see from the dyno your friend is loosing DRASTIC power shifting all the way up at 6,250RPM. The dyno will show the peak powerband the car makes, and as you can CLEARLy see its reached at 5500rpm.

    The only way you should be shifting a GT past the 5,800 rPM redline is if you have cams. Cams WILL alter your redline and then you can be shifting at 6,200+ depending on the cam and tune.

    Dont be thinking because im younger than you, that you dont know waht im talking about. I'm a mustang finatic and a mechanic. I respect what others have to say on this board and take all input positively form everyone on here. Thats why i made this thread so we can see what oether members have to say about our little debate. I was mearly having fun but i've seen now you're turning this into a " i dont know what im talking about thread".

    Well go take another look at the dyno sheet and then what others will ahve to post in here and get back to me...
  8. No, in your thread he also was making fun of me because i was telling him jsut because a car MAY have a redline of say 6,000...does NOT mean you should take it to red line to shift. I was telling him you are losing power by then, and should shift before redline. And i said our GTs make peak power at 5,500 rpm.

    he then went on to say "UDT, dont make any threads in the future about you running slow times at the track in your GT because you are too aftraid to shift past 5500rpm"

    Soooo now i am educating him
  9. Much as I hate to agree with Blakfang I am pretty sure the redline is 6250 :shrug:
  10. Ummm let me dig up the title and topic of your thread
    Can someone tell me the stock red-line for a 99-02 GT

    I just wanted to make sure:nice:

    Well Guy ran 12.9's with minimal mods i.e mid pipe, 4.30's, DR's sfc's, shifter and didnt blow the rear like you have claimed he should with gears, he also never shifted into 5th gear like you claim he should. He also got 24 mpg too;)

    Ya know I should ask, what is your experience on this? You get your info from a computer program or actually racing and seeing others race and getting dirty? What times is your GT running?

    Inexperienced and arrogant? No. I have had over plenty of passes down the 1/4 mile to know what I am doing. I have worked on, modded and watched friends race their cars at the strip as well. I also spend enough time on the net asking questions from semi pro racers, shop owners like Tim and Andy Barth of MPH, Scott and Jim of VT Engines, and listen to many racers who also do their own work on these sites.

    You seem to be very inexperienced at drag racing as you always take the car to right before redline. You never shift at your peak hp, but you go past it in most cases. The reason for this is when you fall back on rpms(during the shift) you want to keep the car in the powerband. If you shift at peak your next gear may fall out of your powerband and you suffer in ET and MPH. Granted there are different variables to this.

    Your idea on shifting past 5800 with cams is your unproven and uninformed opinion as these motors can easily rev to 7k. Heck some cams like the comps make power up to 6500 for the 2v's. However there are a ton of people shifting at 6200 with no problems at all. Maybe you should see what they have to say.:shrug:

    You said the GT could not rev past 5800 and I proved to you, you were wrong. I don;t give a crap what other agenda you may have now since I and others have posted stating it goes past 5800.

  11. (UDT) but you also have to take into account how much your rpms are falling when you shift. Each car is going to be different because they are modded different. Thats why you need a dynograph to see where the best shiftpoint would be for that car. You may start losing power after 5500rpm, but if you shift right at 5500, your rpms will fall into a much lower powerband. If you arent losing power rapidly after 5500, taking it up to 5700 or 5900 and the shifting may put you right back at your peak power rpm in the next gear.

    All I know is that in my car I get best results by shifting between 5800-6000rpms, and I have the timeslips to back it up. Your car, blackfangs car, Kilgores car, and any other stang may be different. But after making 20 passes down the track Ive figured out how to get the best times out of my car as far as shift points go.
    thats what I was getting at, thanks :)
  12. That is what's labeled on the Tach. Ford changed that in '99. The 96-98 speedo cluster use to read 6000RPMs on the redline.

    It's just a safty precaution that you can see with your eyes insted of hearing/feeling it when you hit the internal redline stop @ 6250RPMs
  13. Anyway I can help:nice:
  14. Whoa whoa whoa...rewind, read my bold outlines.

    1st off, what are you talking about "i go past my peak" dont know anything about my racing and driving style. And i clearly said with cams the engine can rev over 6,200 rpm. so we are in agreement there, why do you say im not?

    And i didn't say you CANT take a stock GT past 5800 and i didn't say you CANT shift at 6200rpm. Becasuse hell you could hit the rev limiter on every shift for all i care. I'm just saying i believed the redline to BE 5800. Shift at whatever you want. Furthermore, i was adding that the peak powerband for a relatively stock GT is 5,500rpm.

    Now helty wanted to add that when shifting the rpms will drop differently, meaning i take it to 6200 rpm in 1st gear then shift, and i will drop to (say) 3000rpm, where as if i take it to only 5500 rpm and shift, then i will drop to 2600rpm when i shift. Well this is true, and this is why steeper gears come into play to assist in faster times and keeping the car in its power band.

    edit: And your friend with the 12.9 sec GT is taking it up tothe rev limiter with every shift? Call me crazy, but i dont think hes going to have his GT very long if he does
  15. even with stock cams it's possible, i tuned mine (predator) to 6500 on the GT :)
  16. well, I wouldnt take it to 6200 in 1st at all. 1st and 2nd Im more concerned about hooking than my powerband. Once I hook, then yeah, I'll take it between 5800-6000, but it wont drop down to 3000, Im a quick shifter ;) In fact I think my car only drops to like 4200-4400ish, if that. If your rpms drop to 3k when you're racing, you're granny shifting.
  17.'d you tune your stock cams to 6500? clearly you shut off your rev-limiter. But the thing with aftermarket cams is they shift the powerband and alter your powerband numbers (hp/tq) the stock cams are just that, stock cams. Soooo how is shifting your redline to 6500 on the stock cams netting you anything?
  18. I am not talking about normal driving. I am talking drag racing hence running 12.9's. Where else would that figure come up from? You talked about not going past 5500 because you will damage the motor. I told you why you should go past peak hp when you shift while dragracing at the strip. You can do whatever you want. However ask around and you will find people will tell you to take the car to redline or just past the peak(depends on how bad you fall after peak or not)

    Please give these motor some credit.

    Yes you did in the other thread. You stated that the redline was at a certain rpm. I said you were wrong and you can go past that.You even created this thread and was again proven wrong. End of story.

    Not always the case. Yes gears can get you into your band faster, but the entire point of dragracing is to get from point A to B the fastest you can. So why shift at a lower rpm and think ahh I got gears I can get back in it. Why get out of the powerband at all. The times will still suffer because you won't be running the BEST TIMES.

    Just because you have gears, doesnt mean you should shift at a lower rpm everytime.

    BTW there are a ton of people racing and shifting to redline alot and their cars havent gone south. Please go visit a track and get a clue before you comment on that.
    BTW, just because a cam makes power at a certain rpm range, doesnt mean the motor cant still rev to that range.

    I am done with this thread because the topic was shown and proven before. Plus you are very uninformed and we are trying to help you and you keep coming back trying to prove those that do and know wrong.