Give me the STOCK red-line on a 99-04 GT

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  1. no no no you are misinturpretting me, i didn't say (or at least i did not intend to say, although im pretty sure i didn't say lol) that going past 5500 will damage the motor. I said taking it to redline wasn't a good idea and that just because your redline MAY be 6000 doesn't mean you should necesarily take it that high

    I didn't say NOR mean it like that :rlaugh: ok this si getting blown out of proportion

    much anger i sense in you :rlaugh: Take a chill pill man :nice:
  2. Helty what is your most recent track time, since you've gone 20 times. The latest i see is only in your public profile on here. Whats the best you've pulled so far with your mods?
  3. PI swap, higher comp, o/f H, ported plenum yada yada..
  4. the 20 was just a rough guesstimate. Ive made about 15 passes this month. My most recent was yesterday, ran a 9.4 after missing 3rd, screaming "F'k!" then putting it in gear and finishing the run. :rlaugh: wasnt my finest moment @ the track.

    It seems you're taking this personal bc a few guys have disagreed with you and your methods/beliefs of how to drive at the track. Dont take it that way. Drive your car the way you see fit. Im only throwing you facts that Ive learned from first hand experience. Would you like to know what times I ran when shifting between 5500-5800 compared to shifting @ 5800-6000? Ive got a pile of slips right here that I can post up.
  5. oh ok thats different. nevermind

  6. I meant what is your best time so far not most recent, sorry. And im not taking this personally. And yeah post your slips in comparison but with mods too. Your online profile says a 8.9 was ur 1/8 time which is only a 13.9. so i was wondering if you did better than that considering you have a moderate amount of mods
  7. I'll bet you I run better than a 13.9. Im not one to make excuses, but you can ask jasonh_86 about the track we run at. For early season test n tunes there is no track prep, period. I still managed a 2.05 60' on all season Sumi's. Let me run at the 1/4 in Memphis and I'll show you a 13.7 on street tires and a 1.9x 60' easy. Moderate mods? No more than the average 2V owner on here.

    to say an 8.9 is a 13.9 is generalizing. Ive compared my 1000' times to a lot of other time slips of N/A GT's. Guys running the same 1000' times as I am are running 1/4 times from 13.4-14.1. I have rear axle issues right now so going to a 1/4 is not on my upcoming agenda, but when I do you'll be the first one I PM my time slips to. ;)

  8. No more than the average 2v owner on here, exactly...thats why i said moderate. Dont think thats a good word to use for someone with your mods that most other owners have on here? Its not stock, so i cna't call it that. So i said moderate mods :)

    ...and im not generalizing. (1/8th mile times converted to 1/4mil times)

    that 8.9 pass would have been a 13.9 run.

  9. That calculator is not matching the numbers on my timeslips at all when coverting either way...whats the deal

  10. I dont know, its the calculator tha tsomeone on here gave me. I didn't even need it, i just saved the link cause i thought it would be handy

  11. I was just wondering if perhaps it came up with the numbers using other variables....
  12. so now theres a magic calculator that can tell you 1/4 times based on your 1/8th? :rolleyes:

    Ive tried being understanding, but you just dont get it. Tell me oh seasoned track veteran who uses internet calculators instead of real world experience......does that calculator take into account the cars powerband? gearing? F/I or N/A? Weight? D/A? Temp, humidity or track prep? No, it doesnt. That magical calculator of yours uses a fixed formula to get an ESTIMATED time. Different cars pull harder than others at different rpms and points on the track.

    For instance, my car w/4.10s pulls harder than a 2V with similar mods and 3.55s or 3.73s. If we're both at 8.9 ET in the 1/8th, will both our 1/4 ET's be 13.9?

    You just proved how inexperienced you are. Using an internet calculator to tell me my time would have been a 13.9. You've been proven wrong a few times already in the thread YOU STARTED and come back with something different to try and save face. I even proved you wrong about your little gas mileage spat in the other thread, and you came back with something contradicting your entire arguement! Just admit you were wrong. While you're at it, show me some of your track times. Come back and tell me how much you trust that calculator when you get some seat time at the track :rolleyes:

    I may not be Evan F'king Smith, but Ive been to the track enough to know theres no magic calculator. If there was, why would we bother going to the track more than once? We'd make one pass, write down our 1/8th, then come home, use your magic calculator and tell everyone what we run in the 1/4. :rolleyes:
  13. If you even used the common ways to calculate the 1/8th to 1/4th.. that 8.9 1/8th would come out around 13.7-13.8.. But there's WAY too many variables to be for sure

    If this calculation was true to life.. then I would've ran a 13.4-13.5 :rolleyes:
  14. Here, look at these time slips and throw the numbers into your magic calculator, see how dead on it is :rolleyes:

    Notice a trend? Most of those guys are running .2-.3 faster than your magic calculator is saying they should run. What did I say? 13.7x? I can find more if you still believe that magic calculator :)

    Here, look at the last slip in this one.

    He's running 8.94 1/8th, 11.65 1000', and 13.95 1/4

    My slip reads: 8.90 1/8th, 11.35 1000', 13.xx 1/4 (to be determinded). Now Im running .3 faster than him between the 1/8th and 1000' mark. You still sure my 8.9 would only be a 13.9 1/4?

    Now what did we learn here tonight? Time Slips and real world experience > magic calculator
  15. :rlaugh: Wow...get defensive much??

    I was just showing you something to convert your 1/8th mile to 1/4 times. Its not a magic calculator. Just trying to help you out, and to show you where i was getting my information form, so that i wasn't "guessing" at your 1/4mile time like you said.
  16. When someone who's never made a track pass uses an internet calculator to tell me that my best pass is "only" a 13.9, yeah, maybe :rolleyes:

    It seems pretty obvious you were looking for something else. After you were proven wrong about your red-line thing by others, you went after my times bc you wanted to tell me I could run better if I shifted before redline. You weren't just telling me where you got your information from, you told me straight up "that 8.9 pass would have been a 13.9 run." See below ;)
    Now which is it? Are you still so sure it would have been a 13.9? Im pulling .35 faster between the 1/8th and 1000' than another car with a similar 1/8th who is running a 13.9 1/4. Maybe I was wrong afterall, maybe that 8.9 would have been a 13.6 :shrug:

    There's a lot more to your car than what your factory tach or some internet ET calculator says.
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