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  1. So I just got this car Nov 3, 2012. Always wanted a mustang but last time I was looking for one I bought a Z28 instead. Put 5000$ in the motor/trans to only total it 3 weeks after I put the motor and trans back in. The motor and trans is in a S10 now and its running low 10s in the quarter. Anyways some info on my new car.

    2002 Mustang originally a V6, but now has a 4.6 in it. Who ever did the swap I think did an amazing job. I got the car for book value of a V6 before financing charges. I bought the car from a dealer that had alot of mustangs. I sat the car beside a 2002 GT and compared everything under the hood. Everything was in the same place as the GT. Everything on the car works but the rear defrost. But everything else works! The trac control, alarm, auto down power windows, power seat, ICE cold a/c, Heat, Cruise, All of it works. The car drives amazingly and is really quick. I dont know alot that is done to it. I have not put it on a lift yet but it will be on one saturday. The car only had 8000 miles put on it the first 3 years the original owner had the car. It has an amazing car fax besides the V6 notes on it. The body has just over 80k and how many on the motor is unknown. I do know that the car is super clean, Ive never seen a car 10 years old that has been taken care of as well as this one. I dont know if the guy was trying to make a Bullitt clone or what. It has bullitt panels in the doors and says bullitt on the trunk lid. Heres a list of things I know or believe to be done.

    Hid headlights
    Hid Fog lights
    Steeda Tri-Ax
    BBK shorties no cats x-pipe and flowmasters of some kind. Its one of the nicest mustangs I have ever heard. I will try and get a good audio clip up this weekend. Its not too raspy like you hear alot. But it roars.
    UPR Upper plenum and I was told that the lower intake was aftermarket to but I am unsure
    Throttle body spacer not sure if the throttle body is aftermarket or not.
    3.73s Dallas Mustang speed cal.
    Built T-45 Trans
    Prothane Bushings on full suspension
    Performance clutch, not sure what stage
    Steeda adjustable clutch cable /w quadrant
    Lowered WAY to damn much in the front and possibly to much in the rear
    315/35/17 nitto drag radials on rear 245/35/17 michelins up front
    Mach 1 chin spoiler
    2002-2004 cobra rear spoiler
    Rev limiter kicks in at like 6500-6700
    I dont think there is a shut off on it. Ive had it over 125 (not on public roads) so a possible chip or tune???
    Steeda C/C plates
    Tokico gas shocks
    eibach sportline springs
    Slotted and drilled rotors all the way around.

    Absolutely not sure what else. Ill know more soon. I will also post pics of the undercarriage and engine bay this weekend. Any questions just ask. Also finding the person who built this car would be nice as well.

    90mm MAF
    Has the gas pedal mod
    Mach 1 Grille Delete
    Several misc billet parts on the interior
    New reverse glow gauge face and AC face on the way
    The throttle body has a ford stamp on it so Im assuming its not aftermarket.
    Just did the IAC mod
    Rims are staggered and they are light!!! I can pick up 1 rim and tire and hold it over my head with one hand..

    Lots more that I found out that for some reason I can not remember at this second... Start writing the crap down I guess.

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  2. Damn nice ride. Looks like somebody put some time in on it. PM me if you want to sell me that Cobra spoiler and take my stock GT one :) Same colorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...............
  3. Man, it certainly is a Mutt isn't it? Looks like the previous ownere didn't know what he wanted? V6 body, GT engine, Mach 1 chin spoiler, Bullitt rear panel, Cobra rear spoiler. lol

    Looks clean though. Glad you're enjoying it. Welcome to the Forum. :)
  4. LOL Yeah I guess she is a bit of a mutt. But it is nice and I got it for the price of a V6! So it works for me. Im taking anything bullitt off of it cept the rims. And nah! I like the cobra spoiler :p But thanks guys. Im new to mustangs if you see something done wrong or something out of place please tell me. Also related issues with doing a V6-V8 swap!. Like I said. So far only things not working are the rear defrost and fog lamps. Having clearance issues on the right rear tire. But Im thinking bad springs after what I have heard on this site.
  5. Ain't nothing wrong with a good mutt....Nice ride, welcome to the forum
  6. LOL I've gotten similar comments.....Cobra front end and Cobra R hood on a GT.

    Seclusioned, what year/motor Z28 did you have? How would you compare it to the GT?
  7. I had a 96 Z28 with the 5.7 and auto as well, Sadly the 6speeds are hard to find and when you do they tack on more money for it. Stock vs what Im driving now Id take the mustang any day. But after I stroked out the camaro to a 383 and put the money in it that I did. Idk maybe the camaro. But when it comes to driving and being comfortable and a nicer interior. The mustang surpasses it all.
  8. I knew the answer as soon as you mentioned it was an LT1 LOL. I was hoping that it was an LS1.
  9. Yeah. I wasnt even thinking LT1 LS1 lol. But Im sure you know the LS1 didnt come in the 96's lol. But yeah I like the mustang a lot. I just need to do a full suspension upgrade to it. Upper and lower control arms are first up for changing lol.
  10. Nice car nothing wrong with all the different parts form different cars looks good. The bullitt badge might be pushing it but looks good to me. Did they ditch the 7.5 rear when they built it?
  11. Not sure how to tell. I know there is 10 bolts in the cover, Its got posi trac and the traction control works. Other then that Im not sure
  12. 7.5 has flat bottom and top and 8.8 is rounded