35th Anniv Glamor Shots

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  1. I just got my 35th Anny LE GT last week and at 26,000 miles this thing is beautiful. Thought I would go ahead and start a Glamor thread for anyone to put their mustang beauty shots in. I'll start it out. This shot was taken in my neighborhood. (I played with the light in Photoshop but the car was unaltered other than lighting.)

    I will post more pics as I see glamor ops. Hard to find the right place and lighting.

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  2. What a beaut!!
  3. Come on VOORHEES...lets see a glamour of yours.

    Btw...if anyone wants me to kind of dress up a picture they have of their stanfs let me know and I would be more than happy to. Just no half naked women involved...my wife would shoot me. Lol.
  4. not too much glamour, but its the same as my avatar.


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  5. My favorite glamor shot of my car is posted in the thread where I introduced myself under new members (titled 'NEW MEMBER FROM AL') and it's also my avatar image. My friend and I did it one night using ling exposure and an led light wand. The pics came out amazing and there was no photoshop used! I'd repost on here but I'm at work :(

    The other pics look amazing though guys!!!
  6. Love it in red VOOR.

    Oh, I almost forgot. Went back to the dealership I found it at (they have a back museum of about 20 mustangs that would blow your mind. They even have a 1967 AC Shelby Cobra all original -> matching numbers with the 427) and told them about it being 1 of 4628 and they were kind of mad they let it go. They almost didn't sell it to me. Thank God they did though. I am inlove with this car. Much better than my 98 v-6 mustang...about 110 hp better.
  7. Their loss, your gain. Enjoy.
  8. Oh, I am. Queue wicked smile.