Electrical Glove Box Mounted Headunit

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  1. hey guys so over the last 20 months I've owned my fox its been broken into twice to steal the stereo and once including speakers. so I'm gunna put a old cassette radio in the dash and a shallow mount headunit (jvc kd-x200 4.375 inch mount depth) in the glove box.

    question is has anyone done this before and have pics of the work? it will likely be mounted closest to the center console since it has the most space behind it. also I have a few amps to help power the system.
    any help yall can give me is much appreciated. 20130814_152838-873824218.jpg
  2. My .02 cents says sit out side the house with a tazer and wait for the prick that broke into your car to show up.....You can Imagine what I would do next....

    Neat idea though. I would like to see how it turns out!
  3. Well I'm now parking my car in my garage as I feel it was my crack head neighbor. my car would get broken into in the middle of the day when I'm not home so he was obviously watching me and seeing when my car was unattended.

    I have an alarm with glass break sensor and tilt sensor and two speakers.
  4. check the local pawn shops and CL for your stuff.
  5. there are over 40 pawn shops within 10 miles of me and I think hes to stupid to use the interweb.
  6. good gawd, you live in Vegas or Mexico LOL
  7. 40 pawn shops in a 10 mile radius? You need to move. lol

    If he is that much of a tard, put up a sign in the neighborhood saying you buy used electronics. He may be dumb enough to fall for it. Crackheads are not the sharpest knives in the drawer.
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  8. with all them pawn shops, i'd be pretty certain you could find our old head unit and speakers and have the authorities help you get them back
  9. Lol... Nice setup.

    I think it would be difficult in the glovebox. The door is pretty shallow and the heating and cooling unit is right behind it. Maybe something custom?

    If they do something like this maybe try and do a fake front to the head unit. Some thing where you could just put a front on it that looks like a :poo:ty deck.
  10. well the reason I chose the glove box is because I can lock it and like I said ill be putting a early 90s style head unit in but I also have to replace my center console since they broke it the last time it was broke in to. at work I found a dual xr4115 that may work also. its not something I'm gunna rush into I wanna do this right.
    it may not be 40 but rest assured there are a bunch in South Phoenix.