GM guy here, thinking of a '05, I don't know though, knowing of ford quality....

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  1. Extended Warranty = Good! Goooooooood.
  2. I'm surprised Ford guys are admitting to Ford's quality. I still love the '05 though.
  3. What do you think this is a GM site. :rlaugh:


  4. Woops I thought I was at the Camaro Forums, my bad :banana:
  5. only problem we had with a ford was my mom's 1993 ford explorer. The engine died at 64,000 miles, due to a crack in the number 4 cylinder wall. Has anyone else had these problems? Is this common for these engines? It is a 4.0 engine. The interesting thing is, the 4.0 engine is based off the 2.9 engines found in the 80's trucks like the Bronco II and Ranger. My mom's other car a 1993 ford ranger with a 3.0 v6 isn't giving her problems. Only has like 66,000 miles on it.

  6. We have no problem telling you whatever problems we've had with our vehicles. My vehicle was at the dealer for the transmission popping out of 2nd gear on me. It was a defective shift fork. Since that problem has been fixed i've had 0 problems. With so many components on a vehicle to have a potential defect i think 1 problem is ok. The ford mustang is not know for its low build quality nor is it known for notorious problems. Its actually a reliable vehicle. Its funny to see people get up in arms because they know someones cousin's family member who says he hates his X car and so you believe as you always were taught as a youngen that the vehicle is crap. Its what you wanted to believe...its like people trying to prove to someone else something out of the bible. They go into it trying to find out what they've always been taught instead of looking at it open minded and finding out what it really is saying.

    I owned dodges...they are crap i know that for a fact. Now that doesn't mean every dodge that rolls off the line is bad. It means that the ram's i've owned were in a group of vehicles with notorious transmission problems, squeaks, rattles, and just plain low build quality.

    The mustang is not like that. There is probably 1/5 the warranty claims as compared to a dodge vehicle in the same category and probably about 1/3 the warranty work as compared to a rattle trap Camaro.

    Take it for whats its worth but when i speak i speak from the experience i've had not from the experience my daddy taught me when i was little to hate fords and love gms or dodges or hondas etc. I was actually raised in a family that never owned a ford and had a fair amount of disdain for them. Glad i out grew that or id be paying for new transmissions and rear ends in my old dodge.

  7. You are right. Not every vehicle that rolls of the assembly line is crap and a lemon. I agree with you. But some are. When you buy a brand new Mustang GT or a used low mileage one, you do not know if it is one of the vehicles that came off the assembly line which is one of the crappy ones. This is the scary part here. That's why it's good to have some type of insurance to protect you from this unknown after your Mustang reaches 3 Years/36,000 miles. That's why many people have the extended warranty. To cover the car is if it's going to be a lemon. Beleive me, I don't think that any Mustang owner wants to fork out thousands of dollars fixing Tremec transmissions, faulty heads, bad crankshafts, pistons, blown engines, A/C compressors, heater cores, ABS brake systems, electrical problems, and blown computer modules. The things which I have just listed here are some of the known problems which some Mustangs that are considered to be Lemon cars have had which can cost an owner thousands of dollars in repairs if they do not have the extended warranty for their Mustang. It's better to be covered after the 3 Year/36,000 mile period for any of these MAJOR repairs than it is not be and have to pay thousands of dollars from out of your pocket to have Ford fix these items.
  8. You missed the entire point of my post. My point was there are very FEW mustangs that are even close to being lemons. Where as there are TONS (much higher %) of dodge rams for instance that are lemon'd out. Lemon laws protect an individual within 24k of the warranty in most states. You dont need an extended warranty to take care of a lemon. If you have a lemon your vehicle is going to be in the shop MANY times under the first 12-24k miles and you can proceed by going to court and pleading your case and the auto manufacturer will be forced to buy your vehicle back.

    My point continued is that you in most cases DONT need an extended warranty. There is really only one person that should buy an extended warranty. That person must intend on keeping the vehicle for ATLEAST the amount of time the extended warranty will last, must not modify anything on the vehicle, must also not put many miles / year on the vehicle (no more than 12-15k), must be prepared to pay a deductable with serious work is done such as engine and transmission rebuilds etc.

  9. Yea I get what everyone's saying. My Grand prix like I mentioned is becomming tempermental. Now the battery is going bad I think (Had the door open for around an hour with the lights on, and radio, but the car wouldn't turn over, and would kill the entire system when I tried starting it). I tried repairing the door handle today, but lost the clips for the rods. The tranny coolant lines still leak sometimes. The brakes are fine for now, after redoing the entire thing. Sometimes when I first put the car in gear right after starting it, the transmission won't hook up, and the engine revs up, but I put it back in park, and then back into Drive, it'll go. I don't know, weird issues. One thing GM's and ford's have in common are cheap, ****ty interiors, argh. Mine don't rattle or anything, but it has the cheap thin panels, stuck on the wall, and crappy fit and finish.
  10. Ron Jeremy is completely correct about the extended warranty.

    I work at a ford dealer, I would never buy or let anyone I know buy a new car without ESP. When I do a transmission repair, and the total bill is $3000 for parts and labor, I would say a $1500 warranty is worth it. Any of you guys arguing against the warranty sound foolish, because I deal in this everyday, and the people that don't have it, have to foot a pretty big bill, when they could just be paying a $50 deductable.
  11. Like I said many times before. I do NOT plan on putting any mods on the car up until my extended warranty runs out in August 2008. I plan on keeping my 2001 Mustang GT for a very long time. I've only had it now for 2 1/2 years so far and I am planning on keeping it until it dies. Even though I have only 1,279 original miles on it, I plan on starting to drive it and use it in the springtime. I don't know how many miles I will be putting on it, but at least I will be safe with the extended warranty if anything goes wrong with the car from sitting in my open carport garage for over 2 1/2 years. I start it up every so often, but this car has not been driven very much. It only has 1,279 original miles on it since it was bought brand new in August of 2001. So, when I start driving it again and if something breaks on it, Ford will fix it. You never know what could go wrong with a vehicle that's been sitting for 2 1/2 - 3 years. I just want to be safe than sorry. Plus, if I plan on keeping it and driving it, I will need to have the extended warranty for peice of mind.
  12. Very well said 94Slowbra.

    Most of the members in here think that nothing major will go wrong with the Mustang. You can never say this. You never know this until you are the one chosen out of bad luck to have problems with the Mustang. And like you said, when you have to spend $3,000 for a brand new transmission, that's when you hoped that you could of bought the ESP Extended Warranty for your Mustang. And if you have to pay $3,000 for a brand new transmission, you know very well that other things will start breaking down on your Mustang and will need replacement. And these other things will more than likely cost just as much as it cost to replace your transmission. :D

    I purchased the BEST ESP warranty that Ford has. It is the 7 Year/100,000 mile Premium Plan Extended Warranty. It costs $2,930, but I did not have to fork out the entire amount. I only put down 10% of the total cost ($293) and I am on a $155.12 a month monthly payment plan for 17 months with 0% interest. There is NO interest and NO finance charges for the extended warranty. I can also cancel my extended warranty anytime during the 17 month payment period if I decide to sell the car or if I just plain decide that I don't want the warranty anymore. Ford is not going to obligate me to pay for the balance if I do this. Also, this warranty is transferrable to the second owner for only $100 if I ever decide to sell my Mustang.

    I think that all this is worth it. WHY? Because when the time comes and I will need a $3,000 transmission, a $6,000 brand new engine, a $2,000 ABS brake repair, a $2,000 pair of new heads, a $1,000 worth of electrical work, an $800 computer module, a $1,000 brand new rear end, a $400 brand new fuel pump, or any one of the 500 repairs which the extended warranty covers on my Mustang GT, I will not have to fork out the money for the repairs. Ford will cover me 100% for the repairs. My out of pocket cost will ONLY be a $50 deductible for any warranty work which is done on my Mustang GT. Ford will fork out the rest of the money for the cost of the repair. :nice:

    If I hadn't ever bought the extended warranty, I would have been stuck spending thousands of dollars for EACH repair everytime something major breaks on my Mustang GT. And if this was the case, I would have spent thousands of dollars OVER what it would of cost me to purchase the extended warranty. I once did an estimate of ONLY the repair costs for a car which I used to own. Within one year I spent over $3,000 for repairs for this car. And during the second year I spent another $3,000 for MORE repairs on the same vehicle. And on the third year, I spent another $2,500 for MORE repairs. I could have spent zero dollars if I had bought an extended warranty on the vehicle. And yes, the vehicle that I spent a grand total of $8,500 in repairs for in less than 3 years was a Ford vehicle.

    Look, I am in no way trying to put down Ford vehicles. But from past experiences, I don't want to be working for my car. I would rather have an extended warranty which will cover everything if my car breaks down. Knowing that the labor rate is at least $70-$80 per hour here, I would never want to have to fork out that type of money out of my pocket to pay for labor to fix my Mustang when it breaks down. The SMALLEST repair on a Ford vehicle can cost over $500 - $600 in labor alone. And that's without the cost of the parts. If you've ever been there like I have, you would feel the same way about this. Once you start needing warranty work done on a Mustang, the warranty work that's done on it is very expensive. And not only that, but more than likely, more warranty work will be needed to be done to the car because more things will start breaking on it. I would rather be insured and be safe by having the extended warranty for my Mustang than having to pay a few thousand dollars at a time out of my own pocket every time something breaks on my Mustang. :owned:
  13. hahahahahahah 6000 for a new engine.

    Dude take a load off...your just grasping for straws to prove what you believe. Screw the extended warranty.

  14. Says the guy that will probably blow his engine next week :rlaugh:

    Lay off kirky

    Ron is right you know, Ford's quality purely is *****, its just the unluck of the draw if you get a car built on a monday morning, or friday afternoon. You want a car built on payday (Everyone shows upto work on payday, and does their job, wether if its right or not.) In the gm factories you have to worry about people taking crack while building a car, and I'm sure Ford's factories have the same problems.
  15. Hey, more power to ya, people like you without the ESP, are the ones I make the most money off of. I don't get paid crap warranty times from ford, I get paid out of your pocket. :nice:
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  17. Tyler are you impersonating me? I didn't know that you wanted to be like me. There's only one Ron Jeremy in here. But it isn't you.

  18. They made the F-100s until well into the 80's. I own a 75 and a 79 f-100.
  19. for 6-7 g's i'd be dropping a BUILD 5.4L DOHC in my car...whatever you want to believe man.

  20. Kirkyg,
    Yeah, for 6 - 7 G's you could put a build 5.4 L engine in your car, BUT you would STILL have to fork out 6 - 7 G's for it wouldn't you Kirkyg? Huh? Wouldn't it still come out of your own pocket? In my case, I am not referring to spending 6 - 7 G's out of my pocket for another engine. I am referring to having Ford spend the 6 G's to put in a brand new 4.6 L engine in my vehicle if my current 4.6 L engine breaks and is no longer any good. There is a BIG difference in what you are saying and in what I am saying here. You are not paying any attention to what I am trying to say here Kirkyg. I could care less about forking out 6 - 7 G's for a 5.4 L engine when I could get one replaced by Ford for only a $50 deductible. Do you get it Kirkyg or don't you? I don't have to fork out 6 - 7 G's like you do for another engine. Comprende?