GM guy here, thinking of a '05, I don't know though, knowing of ford quality....

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  1. No, I edited your post because you personally attacked another member. I have warned you so many times I have lost count.

    Between references to ****, racial slurs, continued political discussion (after being asked to stop) and now you have told another member that they are stupid. Basically, you have taken the rules and systematically broken nearly every one of them repeatedly.

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  2. I try to be nice to others in here. I tried to stop referring about politics after you told me to stop. I don't know why you feel like this. I would still like to remain a member of Stangnet. I promise you that everything will be okay. I will be good. I get all wound up sometimes about things regarding our Mustang vehicles that bothers me which I need to talk about. I will try to calm down. I'm sorry if I have caused any problems.
  3. I've got no problems with ford quality. I've got a 1983 Mercury Capri RS which I've owned since 1997. Nothing has broken on that car that I didn't break myself doing something stupid. I had a 1989 Ford Escort. That bastard wouldn't die. I got it when I was 16 when forced by parents. My goal was to prove to them that it was a crappy car so that I could get a much higher quality mustang (really I just wanted a mustang and not an escort). The car ran for 2 1/2 years with no oil changes and no oil added. Eventually the engine seized and it threw the timing chain off. Put that back on, put in some new oil, and drove it for another almost 2 years with no oil change or oil added. I've got a 1999 cobra... no problems with it after a year. I have a 1994 Taurus SHO and it does have problems ALL the time. That engine was designed and built entirely by Yamaha.
  4. lets get this bought several used for vehicles all several years old..maybe not at the time..but oh well.....and you had various problems with it....just like any used vehicle...i wonder why you got the ranger for was obviously worth nothing when you got it and you deceided to put money into knowing it was worth nothing....the Topaz was never really good..........but no wrose than cavaliers or sunbirds ever were. And s10's compared to rangers...more problems..hell even with the newer ones..try finding one that doesnt need trans cooler lines and rear main seals...among other things that leak on it.....same with fbodies and the weak rear ends.....and then theres your fiero....yeah they were built even said how you had lots of problems with it. The Mustang over history has been better built than the f-bodies and the new one will be no exception.....there is a reason the Mustang is still made and the f-bodies are not. one of the was just a better all around vehicle. Yeah the f-body was quicker in the last few years..but still was cheaply made. Just my $8.02
  5. i havent had problems with ethire of my cars, Ethire your dads had bad luck or he is the devil.

    jk :)
  6. Whats an ethire?
  7. Is it really necessary to edit peoples post? Your the only administrator on any board on the net that is so active in controlling what people can and can't say. Just curious to try and find out. Like the time i used the term panties in a wad you got all pissed at me. And it really was no big deal.

  8. I'm simply not a big fan of extended warranties. I think dealers give you too much crap as it is just to get things that are supposed to be in the regular 36k warranty taken care of. I almost always get my way under the warranty cause im a pain in the ass. They will undoubtedly try harder to deny warranty under an extended plan. I know people who've had tons of problems getting them to honor warranty work on something thats clearly covered in the stated extended warranty package.

    That being said I also like to modify my cars...and the more imodify then even MORE trouble i get from the dealer about covering stuff. Its pointless for someone like to me to put up 2000-3000 to make sure i can get a new engine if my engine blows (which it will not it will last ATLEAST 150k and probably well over 200k). I mean geez how many problems are people supposedly having that they NEED an extended warranty? The truth is not many and its really not worth it for the majorityo f people.

  9. Did anyone else besides kirkyg catch what he just said here!?! This is simply an unfactual opinionated statement with no basis in reality.

    First of all the new Kappa platform is just that "NEW", one of the most interesting things about this new platform was how fast GM was able to cobble it together from scratch. It is a front engine/RWD platform not a simple derivative of a FWD platform such as the one that underpins the Saturn Ion and other GM FWD compacts, the Epsilon I believe. And I'm no Saturn or Fiero expert, but wasn't the Fiero a mid-engine/RWD or AWD platform and I know the original Saturns were front engine/FWD so I doubt they were designed off of the Fiero, at best they may have shared a few components from the GM parts bin. So basically what I'm trying to say is about the only common heritage the new Kappa platform and these other cars share is that they are all GM cars. You might as well say the Chevy Express Van and Camaro were derived from the Fiero as well! :rlaugh:

    Now for your rantings about the recent resignations of execs from Ford and Chrysler, such as Jacque Nasser (the french guy as you put it). If I rember right from articles I read on the matter from such rags as Autoweek, Road & Track, etc., stated that the main reasons for Mr. Nasser's resignation were because of internal corporate politics orchistrated by among others Bill Ford and other members of the Ford family on the board of directors or in positons of power over at Ford. Now im not a Nasser fan or enemy, I'm sure he made some mistakes but he was not canned over some conspiracy of Ford building vehicles to purposly breakdown at a certain mileage or for simply bad quality issues. And as for Bob Lutz and others of the old chrysler regime just prior to the "merger" ( more like a takeover but not a bad thing for Chrysler) by Daimler-Benz, I believe most of them resigned after overseeing the merger as part of the deal, and not because of your buildem to break conspiracy, there was no need to have two totally seperate groups of execs for the same company in the eyes of parent Daimler-Chrysler. And as for Daimler being the first to instigate major quality refoms at Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep this is another fallacy, yes Daimler-Benz is adament about increasing the quality of the Chrysler brands we are just now beggining to see the fruits of the Daimler-Chrysler merger and the old Chrysler regime including Bob Lutz had a major role in improving the overall quality of the brands well before the merger.

    Third, where on earth did you get your figures!?! :rlaugh: Here's a dose of business sense for you, if you built a car to purposly fail at 36,000 miles or any other interval, you would go bankrupt from just the costs of fixing the problems you created for these new cars under warranties and such. Not to mention that many people could put 36,000 miles on a car in the first year they have it and if something like that were true im sure they would never step foot back in your company's showrooms. Your company would be out of business very quickly. :nice:

    Finally, as many have already told you excluding lemons and cars such as the topaz that rust away in the wind, a car is only as good as its owner treats it. I'm sure if you were to purchase a brand new Lexus, Mercedes, or Honda and drive it into the ground and never properly maintain it it would become a POS pretty quickly regardless of build quality. It sounds to me like your dad likes to buy cars better suited for the crusher or parts. You yourself stated that these cars had questionable pasts, had been beaten into the ground by their previous owners and poorly maintained. So why on earth would or your father believe these cars were good representatives or the norm of a brand's build quality!?! :bang: So you get what you pay for! :nice:
  10. I am a GM loyalist but I never knock down Ford (unlike love there at all). Like you GT5oh...I too believe you get what you pay for and 95% of the time if you treat your car right it will last a long time. Lemons happen, I had one GM lemon in 1980. It was a Monza Spyder and it was the worst POS I had ever owned. The engine thru a rod out the side of the block at 20,000 miles. GM said "TOUGH LUCK" and refused to fix it. I swore I would never buy another GM after that so I tried Subaru. It was a rust bucket after only 3 years, the drivers seat fell thru the floor when I hit a pot hole. (picture the shock on my face when I suddenly was sitting lower than a few seconds before) So then I got a Tempo...well you all know about those but it never really ever left me stranded, just a lot of things breaking. I fix things right away, I don't wait for it to grow into multiple problems. Then I decided to try was worst than Subaru for rust...even the front window pillars rusted thru. So back at GM I went and stayed there since. Now...I am looking a Ford again. Reason...because they haven't started to rip people off with price yet like GM and lets face it, the new mustang design is the best new car design to come out of any of the big 3 ever in the last 25 years. I will sell my GM trucks (I have 3, will sell 2, keep one as the winter/mall beater) in 2005/2006 and get one of these babies...GT Convertible...there is no doubt in my mind.
  11. simply this. I've had two GM's and three Fords. I still have two of the Fords and the GM's are in the junk yard. I'm sure someone could tell you the same thing in reverse with the GM's still being around. It just comes down to personal preference because a good car is a good car no matter who makes it. I could list good chevy cars as easily as I could list bad Fords (parents had a Granada. Ouch!)

    Oh yeah a couple of Tempos, too. They did some mileage, but they weren't the easiest cars on the wallet. Don't even get me on the Cutlass or the Buick, though. I've had enough of sitting on the side of the highway.
  12. Ok, I'll agree that you beat me on some of my points, the mileage things I brought up I read somewhere's else on the automotive forums. Now for the fiero, and the kappa. The kappa, is truly based off the fiero, sure the kappa is front engined, and the fiero is mid-engined, but they both use Space Frames, and the fiero I believe was the first to use a space frame (Under GM). Later saturns also used space frames after the fiero was dead. The space frames on the new kappa however are hydroformed, while the old fiero's and saturns were 100's of steel plates pressed together and welded. Now in a sense the new kappa could be considered mid-engine, even if the engine is in the front (Big discussion at the fiero forums about this) The car's weight balance is 50/50, and the front engine is behind the front axle, but ahead of the rear axle, so in essence it could be considered a mid-engined car. :nice:
  13. Here's my problem with what your saying when you say "based". Based, to me at least, means they started with the Fiero platform or structure then modified it some to form the Kappa architecture, this is untrue. I understand they might share similar construction methods but this does not mean the Kappa is "based" on the Fiero architecture but simply has similar construction methods. If Ford used space frame technology in its construction and design of a vehicle would it too be "based" on the Fiero, the obvious answer is no it would simply share some similarities in its construction and design. So I dont mean to be a word nazi but maybe a better statement is that GM has applied similar space frame technology to the Kappa's architecture but has not based the Kappa off of the Fiero.

    I do however see what you meen with the controversy about whether the Kappa is front or mid engined, good point.