Gman's 5.4 swap

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  1. Well finally got some parts and time and gonna do a 5.4 swap on my 99 gt 5 speed.

    Rather get a intake but 4.6 spacers gonna do for now. Using a 5.4 out of a 01-02 expedition. Got lucky and my car came with the windsor and my cranks bolt patterns are the same.

    Started with a stock motor with accell coils and flowmaster cat backs.

    Got to here, need a cherry picker and a fuel line disconnect tool.

    That damn starter bolt is fighting me something wicked. Any insight on that. More to follow.

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  2. Its a pain... I used a really long extension from the front of the k member and fed it along the side of the oil pan.
  3. Does the motor and tranny come out in one piece through the top ok?
  4. Yes it can
  5. need this to go quick and smooth.
  6. I assume the top starter bolt is the one you're talking about? That is a mother F'er. Leave it out when you re-install, it serves zero purpose.

    I used somewhere around 2.5-almost 3' of extensions, coming through the front somewhere between the k-member and motor mount. Swivel socket helps as well, you can shine a flashlight to where the bolt sits and guide the socket on if you don't have monster hands.
  7. Got tomorrow off, so its coming out either way. Easy way or the hard way.
  8. a8atatah.jpg
    She's out!
    Oil looked real foamy to me?
    Ready for its new love.

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  9. I strained the oil and found this.


  10. time for a new camera
  11. Crappy cell phone pics, all I got right now.
  12. Got in my 5.4 today, Gonna start swapping parts over tomorrow.

    All the sensors.
    The flywheel.
    Trim exhaust manifold.
    Trim oil pan baffles.
    Swap oil pickup.
    Swap pan.
    And maybe get the intake on and trans bolted on. Be real nice to get it in the car too.
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    Almost ready to go in.
  14. Got it in, had hella trouble getting the damn intake to not leak water, problem is I think it may still be.

    I am getting a heavy white smoke out of the passenger side exhaust, higher you rev it worse it gets, no real distinct smell, but I am only using water no antifreeze yet.
    Hate these plates, need a 'baller bad. And this dorman intake ain't helping matters either.
  15. pan needs baffles mashed. 5.4 crank hits them.
  16. yeah, i did clearence the pan. Got either a bad valve seal or bad rings i believe. Smokes pretty heavy from passenger side, very back cylinder i think, not sure which number its called. if its just one cylinder i should be able to pull the coil on that plug to find it correct? just for diagnosing purposes of course.