GMP diecast no longer, new name.

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  1. I wonder how much it costs from ford to license you car with the ford TM. It must be alot, if not someone would have been doing this much earlier
  2. Speak of the devil...look what this guy is asking for his

    And this one sold recently on ebay for $90. Not too bad considering the scarcity of it.

  3. Yup...loose doors on both sides. :(
  4. Time to really start thinking about selling my Teal Cobra...


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  5. Haha, I saw that too. I also saw the next one that popped up immediately afterward; it's at nearly $400 but hasn't hit reserve. I would put money on it not topping $600 as per usual price trending.

    Here's something funny: I was cleaning out a closet a month or two ago and found a MIB teal Cobra that I'd picked up at some point to re-sell later. The box was beat but the car was mint; I remember paying $200-225 for it and threw it up on ebay. Got around $470 shipped for it relatively quickly. You can definitely get above that range w/one in a mint box but I'd be surprised at coming near $800 like that lucky bastard up there. I hope you do reach it though if you choose to sell.

    Me, unless I get off my whole collection (which shows no signs of slowing and grows weekly as it is), I can't give up my first teal Cobra as it was a gift from the woman. That one and my signed Shelbys can't be let go.
  6. I don't think I could actually sell it though...even looking at that price that one fetched and the current price of the one on Ebay with 7 days to do. If that one reached $800 or more, it would be tempting but I'd still say no.

    No clue why the Cobras are so valued. In terms of rarity, the GT convertibles i have are more rare. I think those are 1 of 825? The ones with the white tops were 1 of 250 cars. I've seen those in the $250 range.

    $800 for a die cast is just insane. Cool that I own one though ;)
  7. It's got to be the color, everyone loves the teal :) Even the red ones have started reaching into the $200s at times lately, which is funny because a year or so ago you could get them anywhere for $100 still. The white top convertibles are some of the rarest and aren't worth much (all things considered) for some reason.
  8. Maybe in 10 years, these will be $1000+ collectables. I almost wonder if i should add them to my homeowners policy ;)
  9. I had a fleeting thought back upon release that I should order a dozen or so of them. Wish I had, though I don't know if I would have been patient enough to have held onto them to this day. Would have been nice though :D Judging by this one hitting $800+ I wouldn't be surprised if the teal Cobras hit $1000 and up once in a while in the coming years. Even the blue AutoArt Mach 1s are lucky to stay in the $300s all the time. The GMP Cobra R has its days around there, too.
  10. At that price, I'll take the full size one, PLEASE!
  11. I knew it wouldn't replicate that anomaly we saw earlier in the month. I figured it might hit $500 though, but it was pretty close.
  12. Well same seller as a month ago just listed another. $250 right now. Lets see if lightning strikes twice for him

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  13. Take a guess as to my expectencies ;)
  14. dat,s some crazy chit right there
  15. Well didn't strike twice, but damn good price.

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  16. I know this is a old tread, but just wanted to share.. I have the Dark Horse 85 Mustang Coupe and decided to research it a bit and realize how rare it is. Also i noticed alot of the ads for the one for sale says 347 stroker, well mine has the 306 stated is it a typo or what and if anybody could give me insight on what its worth... thanks
  17. About $200-300 on Ebay
  18. I don't know if any of you have heard yet, but Greenlight Collectibles now owns the old GMP molds and will work together with Acme to make new models sold under the GMP brand/name. From what the companies say, there won't be re-issues of previous models but they will produce new ones.

    Also, a Greenlight rep had this to say re: Fox Body Mustangs:

  19. That kicks ass. I have GMP saved into a search and have been keeping my eye out trying to pick up a few of the models.

    I'd def like to try and get some new ones.