GMP Mustang Diecast

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  1. Has anyone here collected a foxbody mustang diecast from GMP? I looked online at pics of them and they looked absolutely stellar, so I purchased three different versions. I just received a 1991 Blue Street Fighter 1/18 diecast just now and there is definitely a noticeable difference in scale on the overall width of the diecast model, to the point that I am truly not willing to display it. The overall length and height is fine, but by eye when looking at the model directly from the front, and then directly at the rear, and then comparing it to the sides and height, the width is embarrassingly off. Viewing it from the top view shows it appearing way too long and slender. Upon measuring it with a scale, it is as what I judged by eye, and not correct in dimension. I have two 1993 Cobra 1/18 on the way from another dealer, and I am hoping that someone can tell me that this is only a problem with the street fighter version. I am horribly unhappy at this error. Any feedback is welcome, thanks.
  2. I have 12 of them. I don't have the street fighter one though but i do have the two 1991 2-tone GT's . No complaints on any of mine. I have the 1993 Cobra set up at my office at work and everyone always compliments how detailed it is.

    There is a thread here with pics of guy's GMP cars. Do a search.

    Post pics to show us what you mean
  3. Thanks for the posts guys. The detail is incredible, but the width is at least 1/4" too small to be accurate to the height and length. I had not seen any pics online showing a direct view of the front, or the rear, or the top, otherwise I would easily have noticed it. I like to buy the best of whatever I buy, and I am not the real picky type of person, but this width issue is eating me up especially when I have two more coming. At $100 a piece, I am hoping they look more accurate in scale. Even within the ballpark, as I am not picky at all. If anyone has the street fighter version and has a cobra version, please let me know if the cobra is in fact wider. At $100+ a piece, I hope that I didnt just throw $300+ down the drain.:(
  4. My '93 cobra is 3.75" wide measured at the front fender lip to lip.

    I dunno..i dont see it...and i have 12 of these.
  5. THANK YOU Mustang5L5!!! That is the CORRECT dimension to make it 1/18 scale! Mine measures a little under 3.5. Thats the 1/4 inch I was talking about to make equal scale. THANK YOU!!!
  6. WHEW! At least my 2 cobra models will be correct in scale! Just wonder why the Street Fighter is 1/4" small on the width.:shrug: Oh well, glad to hear the Cobras are correct in size. Thanks again.:nice::nice:
  7. I've wanted a GMP Fox for a long time, but I can't decide on which one to get. I hope they release more varitaions, but we won't know because the Mustang link hasn't been working for months.
  8. GMP has been quiet for a while. I wonder why.

    To the OP, is this the model you have?

    I just measured all my GMP's...and they are all 3.75" wide at the front fender. Kinda curious why you have one that's 3.5"?? I even measured my 1991 GT's which are the same casting as the street fighter below and they are 3.75" Weird

  9. Mustang5L5, yep thats the one. Measured again and it is 3.5".
  10. I have an old 1/18 diecast of a MotorMax '67 Chevelle which I just put my Mustang next to. Next to the chevelle diecast, the Mustang diecast looks just as it would in person, until I look at them from the top, front and rear views. Thats when the mustang looks very unnatural looking compared to MotorMax diecast. :shrug:
  11. Weird. I dunno what to say to that then
  12. Wow that's weird. I have the 92 hatchback among a bunch others and it's not real narrow like that. I figured the hatchback models all used the same mold. Guess not.

    For those of you unable to get the Mustang page of GMP's site to load, just go to THE VAULT ( GMP Diecast - The Vault ) and you can see all the Mustangs they've had available recently. Nothing new is out yet though. The original canyon red '87 notchback is available again, but at $102 and change. I remember when I bought mine new for about $40 back in the day. Yikes! Those were the old molds though, with a lot less detail than the current ones.
  13. I think i only paid $100 for 2 of the ones i have.

    I got a bunch on ebay for around $50 or so. I wish i scored the SSP mustangs. Now evertime one pops up on ebay it goes for big $$$
  14. I don't know what the heck happened to your but I have all 3 streetfighters. The white/blue stripes, blue/white ( like you have) and the silver/black. I just measured all of mine and they are about 3.75" across the fenders lip to lip Like Mike did it. I also have 18 of them, the 1st gen are pretty close to the same width. I don't stare at them that hard and this was a 1st has far as measuring diecast goes :D
  15. Hey guys - Glad you like the 1/18 GMP Mustangs! The scale is actually pretty close. When you're working with overseas factories and people that don't know what these machines look like in person and only go by measurements and photos we send they could be just a touch off. Plus the prototype patterns are hand made...then reinterpretted into CAD on their computers. I think the factory and engineers did a nice job on them. I could nit pick a couple minor things but all in all these are in fact the nicest fox body diecast models on the market. The ones by Welly are really off on the body shape. Not trying to bust on them but somebody check me on this. The top of the front fender shape and slope has almost no curve and drops down too sharply. The roof line or greenhouse shape looks too "chopped" or too short. They just don't look proportionally correct. I own 2 fox bodies and always had the luxury of comparing the prototype to my car out in the parking lot or using it for reference. I even went over to MPS a few times to take pictures of parts and versions I didn't have. They were 10 minutes down the street from me - made it easy. $50 is an absolute steal for these if you get them that cheap off of the internet. The stock versions have retractable front seat belts, handbrake pivots, etc...ton's of details. Check out the brake hoses to the calipers! Anybody has any questions on these let me know. I was the product development guy that handled all the fox body Mustang programs here at GMP. I've got boxes and boxes of 'em at home just waiting to be customized!

  16. me and my son collect diecast cars and have a bunch of GMP mustangs, we have the Street Fighter and the 93 Cobra they always looked identicle in size to me. When i get home from work today i'll measure them.
  17. I checked my street fighter and it's 3.75"
  18. Who has some they want to sell me?