"Go" pedal stuck every now and then?

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  1. This is the 1st time i have encountered this problem and wanted to see what you guys thought. About 2 weeks ago me and the boys went out to the local car meet. Ofcourse on the way there all of us were messin around gettin on it and stuff, well later that night on the way back the same hotroddin ensues and i notice my gas pedal starts to stick all of a sudden. All the way home it just sticks until i push my foot down a little harder and its fine. Then last week comin back from the meet the same thing happened. Everyday regular driving is fine, not a problem. So why is it like this now when put it through its paces? I looked at my throttle plate a few weeks back and noticed it was pretty dirty(carbon buildup). But i didn't clean it cause i've heard its not good for the coating on the plate.

    Any of you guys had this problem or have any ideas?
  2. Are you sure its not the carpet catching it, mine did that to me. My friend found the problem first it was funny my car was bouncing off the rev limiter.
  3. maybe im reading this wrong , is it geting stuck wide open , or does it feel stuck closed? every once and a while mine (frpp 70 mm tb) after "playing" feels stuck CLOSED! after opening it wot a few times it magicaly un sticks its self?
  4. At some point, probably now, you will need to clean the tb. The intake and throttle body cleaner I use says on the can, something like "safe for coated throttle bodies". :shrug:
  5. I'll be sure to clean the T/B plate, but i'm still wondering why is it only at these certain times doing this?
  6. I'd guess your throttle cable is starting to break.
  7. I would check the throttle cable as well as the return springs and the mount points on the bracket for wear. Also, check the cruise control stuff for interfearance.
  8. To tell if its the throttle body, push the throttle with your hand (on the TB) and see if it sticks from when it's closed. To clean it, use 3m throttle body cleaner. It's the best I've found and it is 'safe' for 'coated' throttle bodies.
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  10. throttle body
  11. bingo. i would clean the TB first. crap gets built up around the edge of the butterfly valve in the TB and sticks. thats a big safety issue. if its not the carpet that is...
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  15. aftermarket tb's tend to stick a lot. I know I am repsonding way late on this one but maybe it will help someone else out. There is so much air being sent when you upgrade your tb that there is a vacuum surge going on. there is a screw on the back of most of them, along with cleaning the tb, you can turn the screw to the left and a lot of times that helps