Go to the track? or get a dyno?

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  1. So i saved up a minimal amount of cash lol, and i just got off the phone with Crazy Horse, and they said they offer 3 dyno pulls on their dyno jet for $100.

    Ooooor I can go to the track this Sunday and race the GT all day for under $50.

    Which do you think i should do? I would like to do both, but can only do one for now (im broke) :( so help me decide. I'm leaning more towards going to the track because i dont really think i have enough mods to my car to get any real impressive dyno numbers, but on the other hand i do really want to know where my car stands.

    Eventually i'll get a dyno AND a 1/4 pass...but im thinking for now i might just do the track and save the cash on the dyno for some other time.

    Suggestions? :shrug:
  2. Track is Island Dragway (south jersey). Just so you guys know
  3. Track for sure in your case. The track I have been to is about $20 or less to race nights as much as you can.
  4. how far are you from atco raceway. I have never been to island dragway.
  5. Hit the track, get some seat time and see how your car responds to different launching techniques, shift points etc. With those mods you shouldnt need a dyno tune (although one would never hurt). But if you do go to the track you cant post on SN again unless you have slips for us ;)
  6. Island Dragway is in North West NJ not South Jersey...we have Atco Raceway here which is worth the ride if you want to race on a great track.
  7. Well i wasn't going to TUNE it, just baseline run it.

    And I live in northern new jersey, 20 minutes (if that) from the GWB in NY. I heard from kids that go to my tech school that race at Island and Englishtown, said that Island is closer than englishtown, but not much closer.

    So it led me to believe it was in central or southern-ish jersey. I'm WAY north east jersey, so everything is south of me :)
  8. TRACK!!!! the dyno is just a tuning tool, nothing more. The track is where the real results are!!!!
  9. Island would be west on 80 for you...not that far.
  10. Hey do they have any tire regulations at the tracks? My 2 front tires are rediculously visibly worn from camber wear before i was able to correct my alignment myself after SEARS ****ed it up.

    Think the track wont let me run liek that? The center tread still has some left, but i was just wondering if they care about 'bald' tires as a 'safety hazard' at the tracks or whatever...
  11. they probably wont even look at them. question is if they are worn on the sides and not the middle.. to low air pressure?? or camber???
  12. Camber wear. Didn't i say that? Or did i think it in my head and not type it...?
  13. track dude. corrected track MPH is more accurate than those subjective dynos. time to speed is what a dyno does anyway. accelerating weight. it's cheaper too. tune it for best mph, then get it to hook. and gear it for ET. track dyno for me. hard to argue corrected track speed. of course this is mt opinion. i am old school that way. i need track speed anyway, what good is a dyno, you can't race a dyno graph.

    edit: you don't need dyno. tune it at the track. try to find what your car likes as far as tuning. can you datalog? if so do it.

  14. You did.. my apoligies.. kinda scanned it

  15. I have heard this forever.. can u explain the corrected track speed better pls. I have never been told the formula
  16. Oh yeah i forgot to mention my T-lock doesn't work. Its been crapped out since i've had the car I think. I can only lay one strip of rubber :rolleyes: i'm in the process of fixing it before i go to the track.

    Freakin rear-end-rebuild kit costs $100 from randy at MD and $130 from ford! crud-o-la
  17. In case you're still not convinced... TRACK!!!

    A dyno is a tool to gauge engine/drivetrain performance. Sort of a preview to what it will do on the track. You'll get a much bigger thrill from going down the track several times in one afternoon than you'll ever get on a dyno.

    Quit Internet racing and go to the track!
  18. $100 bucks for just 3 pulls with no tune!?!!? That's insane man, hit the track and do some data logging :nice: