Go to the track? or get a dyno?

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  1. hey Bill where did ya go.. I need some learnin on this corrected track thingy
  2. Thats the going rate...not like you need more than 3 pulls anyway.

    The only cheaper one i've seen is $80. I'd only go to a reputable place, and 80 is the cheapest/best reputable place there is around me. :shrug:

    Not to meniton i thought that sounded fair for a price. Dynos are expensive for shops to buy and maintain man...
  3. wow.. I am getting 4 pulls for 60 friday.. from one of the most reputable shops around
  4. You in NJ? If so, what shop you going to? For a baseline run i dont think there is a differance between 3 pulls and 4 :shrug: Tuning, sure, you can adjust stuff in between, but i'd imagine if you're not putting down the numbers u want by round 3, you arne't going to see an improvement by round 4 or 5.

    But the price is a bit friendlier.
  5. Go to the track for now and save up some cash for the future. I'm sure that some shops around there will have a dyno day sometime this summer and cut a deal on 2 pulls or something like that. You can get the baseline then.
  6. No I am in the Louisiana.. and I have 2 tunes I want to try,,... thats why the 4 pulls
  7. hey bill elaborate on the track speed theory

  8. mini spool dude. forget T-lock. i am making the real traction change. i have a low milage t-lock in the shed, but crap t-lock breaks at 180 lb-ft. (one wheel breaks loose at a difference of 180 lb-ft to one axle).

    i need real traction. i isn't for daily driver's but i finishes the one wheel peel crap. mini spool in a few hours. it replaces the spiders,clutch packs, and springs. the axles lock directly to the spool. no need to remove the gear.

    altitude correction corrects high altitude high temperature conditions to 69f 29.95 at (mean)sea level. it's a way to know how fast a guy in the rocky mountains at 95 degrees compares to sea level at 65 degrees. i don't have the formula handy. density altitude has a major effect on power.
  9. ohhhh I thought you were talking about how some people guess your power from MPH. I knew about that lol. I had a friend that went to the track with me. before the new engine I trapped 98.. after 107. He said it looked like a 70-80 HP gain. I thought there might be some method to that.