go with aftermarket cd player or stock gt player ?

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  1. My stock gt cd player is not working, I went to Best Buy and try to let them install me a new cd player, they told me that I have to remove all the march 460 system, and put in aftermarket one in order to make it work, or else it will either burn out the new cd player or the whole march system. should I just buy a stock gt replacement from ebay ? any ideal ?
  2. Stock cd players usually break after a while. I recommend upgrading to a new cd player and some better component and rear speakers. I'm putting a pioneer cd player with soundstream component, rear and subwoofers in my car in the future. Have all the stuff and custom box and everything, just need to put it all in. But yeah, upgrade:nice:
  3. you can get a deal at crutchfield.com that makes the 460 work with any cd player.. when i first got my car the last dude had an eclipse deck with the 460 still running.. i didnt look on how he did it, but it worked and sounded great so it can be done...

    i upgraded to a AV system and took all of my 460 stuff out.. its not that big of a deal if you wanna run wires yourself.. just remember mustangs use the 6X8 speakers (GAY SIZE!) i recomend eclipse type S
  4. I've got and eclipse dvd and navigation system in mine and it works fine with the 460 system!
  5. Looks like best buy was pulling your leg.
  6. All you need is an adapter harness to hookup an aftermarket deck into your factory Mach460 setup. BestBuy even sells the adapter...which is weird that they wouldn't offer it to you?
  7. +1 to Best Buy being totally wrong...

    I've had a couple different aftermarket head units attached to my Mach 460 system with zero problems...

    try www.crutchfield.com if you're a do-it-youselfer or a real stereo shop if you want someone to do it for you
  8. Another vote for Crutchfield for the receiver. They are great, as far as that goes. I got my Clarion DXZ475MP for $90 and free shipping. Plus I got half off the wiring harness I needed, and the DIN tool set, and I got a DIN pocket from them (though their accessory prices are not really great to begin with).

    Also, they have a tech support line if you get stuck. You shouldn't, though. It is pretty easy with one of their "Master Sheets" for your car. You can download their "Master Sheet" off a link on your invoice on their website... you don't even need to wait for the paper copy that is shipped with your order. That Master Sheet makes everything really easy.
  9. They just didn't want to deal with your car / stereo.
  10. I just installed a Pioneer Avic-D3 in my car with the stock Mach 460, I bought the receiver from www.crutchfield.com and it included the adapter that is necessary to work with the Mach 460.

    It can be done with the correct harness.
  11. As a professional car stereo installer of many years I can tell you Best Buy is dead wrong. Scosche and Metra make a direct wiring kit to interface the stock amps to the new deck. Uses the new decks turn on signal and all to cycle the amps and the stock amps are designed for a speaker level input not RCA. You do have to be careful about really cranking it up cause you could burn up the input stage on the bass amps, so when it distorts turn it don a notch.

    Def get the aftermarkket deck (Pioneer has the best sound IMO and gives the best bang for buck). When I got my Cobra the stock AM/FM Cassette deck that controls the cd player didnt work so I bought one on ebay. I then learned the stock cd wont play MP3 so I got a Pioneer DEH-390 and its killer ($60 shipped new from ebay) and the sound is 100x better than the stock deck. Plus I-pod controller, quasi parametric eq, x-overs, sub controll and remote :shrug: Way better than stock and now I have a pocket to throw my cell phone in.
  12. Best car stereo ever made IMHO :nice: I am so very jealous, great deck but a little beyond my budget. Got Pics?
  13. I will tonight, I love this thing, I got the deal with the blue tooth adapter and ipod connection.

    I was scared at first to install it, but i man upped and did the wiring and everything and I'm very satisfied.

    I'll post pics when I get home.
  14. Since we're on the subject, how do you guys feel the stock Mach 460 stacks up with regards to most modern factory stereo systems? I've got the Premium Pioneer system in my '01 Explorer and it sounds as good as any aftermarket set up I've heard? Obviously no where near as capable, but certainly as clear or as nice sounding with a decent bit of "boom" when I want it?

    I'm looking at another Mustang in the future and am likely setting my sights on a '96-'98 Cobra and will be changing out the stock head unit for something with Sirius Satellite compatibility, but if the rest of the system isn't absolutely horrible (if anyone here has owned a Mustang, or any Ford for that matter built before '93 they'll know where I'm coming from) I'll stick with it.

    I mean, I hear guys, usually kids between 16-25 (sorry to typecast some of you guys) on here complain how the Mach 460 is the worst factory system ever (who are obviously too young to remember what us guys in our 30’s and above had to work with back in the ‘80’s and early ‘90’s). I’ve also notices that these are the same guys who let their priorities be known and will replacing it with some $6,000 aftermarket set up with half a dozen speakers and fill what little usable trunk space they do have with 2-3 sub woofers and like amount of amplifiers. :shrug:

    I gave up all of that bull**** shortly after I graduated high school and quit dating girls with “teased bangs” and would be more than happy with decent system that didn’t rattle like a bee in a tin can every time bass was added and the volume exceeded the half way indicator.

    So how about it.....what’s the Mach 460 really like?
  15. Mach 460 sounds like a tin can system :(

    In my 2000 I use to own, I have an alpine CDA-7977 head unit, and all polk momo speakers/sub with JL amps 300/4 & 250/1. After my car got broken into by someone throwing a landscaping boulder at my door/window/roof, I decided never to do aftermarket again :(

    Its sad, Car audio is what got me started working on cars...

    Also, I cant turn my mach460 up loud enough to hear it on the highway with out distorting the speakers, I have to turn the bass nearly all the way down. The mach amps also have aprox 10% THD whereas an aftermarked like the JL I used to run had a .05 THD. MUCH clear sounding!

    And by the way, Alpine is far superior than Pioneer :)
  16. The Pioneer I've got in my Explorer is factory installed unit built for Ford by Pioneer. I’m not going to argue with you as to which one is “superior” since I’ve had good and bad through most of the popular brands (and non popular brands) over the years. To be honest, I challenge anyone here to 100% claim that one is to any measurable extent better than another based on who makes it alone.

    To be honest, the system in my Explorer sounds better than the one in my Cougar which utilizes a brand new Alpine CDA-9857 Head unit. I honestly believe it’s more of the compellation of supporting components than just the head unit itself that makes one system better than anther, but that’s not the point of my question. :)
  17. Yeah I agree, Alpine is great but IMO not better than Pioneer. I installed 6-8 decks a day for several years and we were a Pioneer/Alpine/Kenwood/Clarion/Eclipse/Rockford dealer and nobody has all the feature that Pioneer gives for the price (even tripple the price) Higher end Pioneers have lower THD, higher S/N, and better RCA output than Alpines. As for the 460 it is a lousy setup when you compare it to Mark Levenson/Lexus, Harmon Kardon/BMW and Boston/Chrysler premium sound systems. Right now I have my little old Pioneer Premier 390 driving Audiobahn 6x8 components in the doors and still using the stock rear "sub". I bypassed all the stock amps by just running new speaker wires. The Pioneer is the only deck that has the ability to bridge the rear channels into a 2 ohm load with a low pass x-over to drive subs a 50 watts RMS. It is 6-7 db louder than stock and way cleaner. The definition is spectacular and stereo seperation is great. Its not a ground pounder but very nice mid-bass and decient bass (60hz and down). Later I will add a small mono amp and a JL stealtbox since the Pioneer also has sub controll and high pass x-over so I can really crank it up without hurting the door speakers.

    Pioneer FTW! The Premier is only $60 shipped from ebay at this store that sells refurbished units. It is as new in the box with full two year warrenty. Features: #-band qusi parametric eq, hi/lo pass x-over (12/18 db), sub woofer controll, BMX processor, mp3, disc titeling, 22 watts RMS (double the 460) and ipod and hd and/or xm/sirrus radio and wireless remote. Great deck with great sound.:nice:
  18. Showoff! :mad: JK that thing looks killer :nice: