Progress Thread Goal is 11.50 index journey

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  1. i Start off a year ago with a stock 5.0 gt with minor upgrades like, shortty headers, h pipe catted, cold air intake, aod with shift kit and a fiberglass hood . I did get to run the car at this state but during that year i started with losing some weight stating with the sound deadening, spare tire,jack, radio and speakers and the rear seats, with the outside of the car i took off the front sway bar and replaced all four corners with adjustable shocks and drag springs and lower and upper control arms. the Aod trans that was in the car was shot so i picked up a rebuilt one with a 2400 stall and shift kit and aluminum drive shaft. this combo net me a best time of 13.72 at 98 with best 60ft 1.89

    i know i was far away from my goal winter roll in and the top end was changed once again with heads and cam and the cobra intake (is staying for now). the heads are gt40x non ported 1.94/1.54 with 58cc combustion camber and the cam is a tfs stage 1 with 1.6 rocker arms. i got skinnines up front (for this combo)and Micky 275/50/15 and 3.73 gears as before. hopefully this will help me into the 12's mark.

    i think about dumb the Efi for a carburetor because of the easier cost on tuning and not hurting the pockets like Efi for tuners and dyno time. So hopefully someone will have a stay in my journey to 11.5 index hopefully with an Aod :)

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  2. The quickest way to get close to an 11.50 would be a 150 shot of N2O.
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  3. ya that's what i was think about doing but i don't know if i want to put a carb on it or just keep it efi with the N2O. which is easier to tune because i was looking at Anderson dry kit w\ Pms tuner but i got no information from them. Has anyone used silverfox vb?
  4. The Anderson stuff is awesome, had it in several cars, we usually spray them wet however. It isn't until we went to a standalone EFI that we went dry and ramped the injector duty cycle up to make up the fuel.
  5. i read the whole article about there dry system. i read about nitrous system and i think the dry system is the good for efi because i wont have that chance of blowing off the intake. only problem I'm having is find one used because I'm not going to pay 1000 for the pms when i can get it for cheaper. how did the car run with this setup?
  6. We have a car right now with a pms, nx 150 wet kit, TFS top end, c4 and 373's on a mt drag radial that goes ultra consistent 11.20's with a 1.50 60'. And is super conservative timing and air fuel wise.

    As for not being able to blow off the intake with a dry kit? Same chances as a wet kit IMHO. I saw a nitrous backfire on Black Friday on an EFI car that bent the throttle blade, blew out the freeze plugs on the gt40 intake and trashed the Maf. Too much timing off the hit and kaboom!

    I don't want to scare you away from nitrous, when setup correctly it is perfectly safe and can be a lot of fun. If you do decide to spray dry make certain that your fuel pump and injectors are sized properly for the increase in horsepower. You will usually only get one chance at being lean.
  7. that's good time. you think you can get high ten's? I'm not scared but it is my first car I'm building so i going to need all the help i can get from other guy running nitrous. what i was going to do is get a wide-band and the pms so my air to fuel ratio is good and go from there with nitrous. for the fuel pump i have a 255 lph in tank and a in line pump. So I'm hoping i can get this car in the 11's and plus im young and im doing all this work by myself and some help from my father.
  8. I know the car can go high tens wi a little more timing and leaner air fuel but there is no sense in running it right to the ragged edge. I know he can run with this setup all season worry free.
    Here is that particular car from 2 weeks ago testing. He drives this car over 45 mins to get to the track, usually rips off 3 or 4 passes and drives home.
  9. ya true. i think i seen that last year running the 11.5 index. i always go to acto its an 1 hour away from me and i drive my car also to the track maybe one day ill stop by in the pits and talk if i see the car.
  10. That is my buddy Dave's car, he is there almost once a week. I have a 84 that's mostly white with a lime green roll cage, can't miss it, lol. If you see us down there pop over and say hello, if you ever need any help with the setup at the track I would be more then happy to help..
  11. ya i will. ya i just saw your write up on your car good luck with it. thanks.
  12. Don't do the carb, the efi really doesn't need any dyno time or dyno tuning.
    Foxbody's existed long before the dyno was popular. It's all the rage these days, just keep in mind the most powerful tuned hci 302 cars here are far less powerful than the non tuned hci intake guys i know in person.
    A good mass air meter, adjustable fp regulator and a timing light is plenty good.
  13. Ya I'm probably going to stay with efi now. Does anybody use sliverfox vb because I don't want to do the shuffle because it kills the trans
  14. Personally if I had to run an AOD, which I would fight kicking and screaming the whole way, Freddie brown would be the only one that I would trust.
  15. I don't want to keep it but that's what I have to work with. Who Freddie brown? I'm newbie
  16. Dan makes some killer VB. Go for the one that removes the stupid TV cable and level 2 shifts. He is a great guy that will take care of you before and after the sale. When the time comes for me to swap to 3.73's, I'm also installing one of his VB and a Dirty Dog converter with an aux cooler. FB makes some serious transmissions but they are pricey. You can build a decent AOD with an upgraded servo, OD band, hardened shaft, Siverfox VB, and a decent converter that will work just fine for you for much less.
  17. i was looking at that one, you just disconnect the tv cable and its full manual. i glad i have the old burned up trans because i can rebuild that one.:) more learning to come with rebuild the trans
  18. hopefully i can get to the track this week to test and tune the new combo