"God will be the judge and jury this time"

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  1. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,216538,00.html

    I was watching a court hearing for another Polk County murder on court tv when they anounced that two Polk County Deputies and a K9 were shot. Took me a while to realize it was live and in my hometown.

    My roommate's dad works for the Lakeland Police Dept, and commented yesterday that if the guy wanted to get out of there alive he was gonna have to think of a creative way surrender. Understandably, the attitude was that they were gonna kill him.
    Even the Sheriff said, "We're ready for a gunfight if he wants a gunfight." Then I guess he realized he was still on tv and said, "We're also prepared to take him into custody." :rlaugh:
    Glad they nailed the bastard, and our tax dollars don't have to pay for a capital case.:nice:

    Still a horrible situation for the family of the slain deputy. His wife's B-day was yesterday too.

    And before anyone says, "what if he was innocent?", there aren't many Jamaican guys hiding under bushes in rural Polk County, Florida. Much less ones carrying a dead cops gun.
  2. He got what he deserved... Anyone that doesn't stop or raise his hands when ordered by the police deserve what they get. They have guns don't you know!!
  3. Reminds me of a case that just came to an end in NY a few weeks ago.

    Some piece of ***** named Ralph "Bucky" Williams shot two State Troopers and killed one of them after he survived in a hospital for a few days. The suspect was wanted for escaping from prison TWO WEEKS before he was due to be released! ! ! ! TWO WEEKS ! ! That makes no sense to me! Why escape TWO weeks before you were due to be released? ? ? ? ! ! !? !?! ?! !? !
    This piece of garbage hid out in PA and NY near Lake Erie for a few days (week) while NY Troopers hunted him down.

    I doubt his first few days in jail were filled with cupcakes and balloons. More like rubber hose beatings and being p*ssed on. Got what he deserves...
  4. not a burden on the taxpayers anyway.
  5. I have a real problem with capital offenders being incarcerated anyway. Death row should be a VERY short list of people. Lets get it over with, already! Why would a guy think twice about shooting somebody, when he knows he'll get at least 20 years of appeals in court to live because of "due process". He'll probably even see the sunlight of freedom, before he dies, too.

    If these guys would just be "put down" as soon as we know they are guilty, the guy out on the street that is getting ready to go kill somebody would realize that he doesn't have much to look forward to, maybe he'll think twice. Somewhere between the modern times and the "wild West" would be a nice combo.

    Like a famous comic from Texas said: "Most states are moving away from enforcing the death penalty, my state is putting in a fast lane!" THAT's what I'm talking about!
  6. I understand that some cases involve circumstantial evidence, and I'm all for mandatory appeals in a situation like that. I pro-capital punishment, and I would hate to see an innocent person executed.
    That's the weakest anti-death penalty argument; "What if they're innocent." Well if you can show me a post-Furman case where an innocent person actually made it to the execution stage, then I'll consider the argument. But they can't, because the system we currently use to administer the American death penalty has been modified to be the best system possible.

    I do agree that the mandatory state appeals should be discretionary. Like I said, circumstantial evidence; take it to an appellate court. But if the bastard has the murder weapon still on him, or if his DNA was found inside the dead 8-yr old girl, then just off the bastard as soon as possible. Some cases are so clear it's ridiculous how far some defense attorneys are allowed to take them.

    That's why I'm glad LPD and PCSO swat wasted this guy. He was still in the area, and he had the cops gun. But if they took him alive, you know some defense attorney would've appealed all the way to the Supreme Court over some techinical BS circumstance.:notnice: