Godspeed Omega Wheels 18X9

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  1. Has anyone successfully installed a set of Godspeed Omega Wheels 18X9 on a 2003 Mustang running the Cobra R Brembo Brakes (brake kit # M-2300-X 13 inch rotors 4 piston calipers) without using spacers?

    What other rims have people successfully installed on this setup?
  2. Yep. They fit like they are made for them. [​IMG]
  3. Since you did not state you are using spacers I assume that you are not. thank you for your reply alscobra1.
  4. Oops. Sorry man. No spacers. There is probably an 1/8 clearance between the caliper and rim. They really look like they were made for these brakes. It's scary how close they fit but no problems at all.
  5. Hi

    I know it's an old thread, but I also have these Omega wheels and I want to install the Cobra R brake caliper. Will they really fit on them?
  6. wow, old thread. I've moved it to an appropriate forum