Goin' Bone Scarfin'

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  1. Well, I've put it off long enough.

    For whatever reason I choose today as the day to go to the salvage yard to get the things that you would best find in one.
    Specifically, I'm after an EDIS-6 module, coil, and related wire pigtails.

    A remote P/S reservoir for the Cobra PS pump

    A throttle cable, long enough to stretch from the firewall mount point, to the end of my now mile long intake manifold.

    The point worth mentioning is that today, the weatherman is predicting temps that will "feel like" 100 degrees in the shade.

    (Last time I checked, there is NO shade in a JY.)

    If there was ever a more ample reason to break out my "used once" JVC GO-PRO, I'd bet that today would be it.

    (You can just see it,......me, covered in sweat bakin' my brains out, struggling w/ some rusted assed bolt, while in some impossible to get out of hole in a fender.)

    I'm betting it would be priceless.
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  2. Good luck! I just got done with a 1.5 mile run, I would bet you it is pretty dang close to a 100 degrees! I hope the trip was worth it for you.

  3. At least you arent in Alaska with sunny temps in the 60's, but no junkyards to look through.
  4. I like it, its survivor man meets JY.

    RJ: 0 miles in 107 degrees. 3.5 in the 78 degree gym. Smarter, not harder.
  5. Well, I didn't die.

    I was pretty fun actually. It wasn't as hot as it could've been, Starting at 8AM made all the difference.

    The hardest thing about the whole deal today was finding the damn EDIS module on every car I looked at.
    I spent the first hour just trying to find an Explorer/Ranger/ Mustang older than 95. When I did, I couldn't find the module to save my ass.
    (Thank God for smart phones, asking where the EDIS6 module was located finally ended up w/ me finding several.)
    I didn't help that I didn't even know what the hell the thing looked like. The information that I researched the night before told me the thing was located on the driver side inner fender panel.

    The smart phone told me it was behind the passenger headlight, in front of the battery.


    The only thing I didn't get was a throttle cable. Unless I get one off of a Fox, (none one any of the lots I looked at) The other cars I looked at weren't long enough.
  6. No big beach umbrella so you could work in the shade? :D
  7. I'm certain you've considered this already but what about the modified 95 cable from MM?