Engine Going Back To Stock Fan…parts Needed

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by boostfrk, Apr 14, 2014.

  1. I'm going back to the stock fan…part of my restoration project I suppose. I don't have the car for the power, more for the nostalgia and just a cruiser. So, losing the slight bit of HP doesn't really bother me.

    Just wanted to confirm what parts I need. I believe all I need is the clutch and the fan blade itself. I have the stock shroud, overflow tank, water pump pulley of course, so I'm hoping all I need is the clutch with attachment bolts and the fan. Looks like LMR has a kit for $89.
  2. Sounds like that's all you need to me.
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  3. Didn't you do the tauras e-fan swap last year? did you not like it?
  4. Get the police/upgraded clutch. Makes a huge difference. I'd also try and find a Cobra waterpump pulley but they are hard to come by.
  5. Not Taurus...I used an e-fan off of a Mercury Villager and stuffed it inside the stock shroud. Coupled that with a DCC 2 speed controller and things worked great until a few weeks ago. The car only gets driven maybe once a week at most as my commute is from Colorado Springs to Denver...I don't have much opportunity to drive it around town. Anyway, the union/joint between the fan motor shaft and the fan blade was just a couple flat spots on the motor shaft which coupled with a couple of flat spots in the hole through the center of the fan blade (hard to describe). Something happened where the fan shaft wore out the flat spots on the hole through the fan blade and ended up making that hole perfectly round. Now, the fan motor turns on but the shaft just spins, there's no more engagement between the shaft and blade.

    Rather than try to find another fan, and re-do the mounting, I decided just to go back to the stock fan in hopes of more reliability. So, the fan will go in the trash and the DCC controller is up for sale.

    Where would I find this upgraded clutch? I placed an order with LMR about a week ago but it hasn't shipped as they are out of stock on the fan blade and don't know when more are coming.

  6. It ain't cheap buddy

  7. Wow, sure isn't. They have a fan blade in stock apparently too...wonder if I could amend my order with LMR??

    Hmmm, shipping is $11 too from PPI. Guess it can just sit in the garage some more.
  8. $200 for a cobra water pump pulley? Holy cow...
  9. No kidding.
  10. I have a stock fan and clutch just sitting in my garage gathering dust if you are interested. :)
    Probably could just use a good cleaning but other than that....
    I only had them on my car for about a month before I switched over to electric.
  11. Appreciate that...my order is already in to LMR though.
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  12. too bad im late on this thread,i have one gathering dust also...
  13. damn, wish someone had some TFS 170s's laying around...;)
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  14. I was lucky to get one when they were half that.

    And yes, fan blade and clutch and you're set. I did something similar. Its pretty reliable with the stock setup, and my temps are good.