Going Fox.....

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by unclejackrock, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Please don't banish, flame, whoop up on me, or talk about my mom too bad. I bought a Fox, and will probably be trying to sell my 95. It's a 91 LX 5 speed w/ full MAC exhaust. I think I will enjoy it more than my 95 because of the 5 speed, it's lighter and faster, and cheaper to mod. I'll still be here alot, though, I've become very aquainted w/ alot of people here and feel at home.
  2. at least your stayin with a 5.0.

    BTW you need to fix your sig.
  3. its still a mustang at least
  4. I liked my Fox better...good luck with it...
  5. Somebody get a rope, this guys gotta hang for treason.......just kidding man, good luck with the fox, I was actually in the market for a fox when I stumbled across my 94, best impulse buy I ever made (of course, it is a 5 speed)
  6. I just happened to stumble into here and saw this thread so don't kill me, but *Darth Vader voice* Welcome to the fox side. *stops Darth Vader voice*. congradulations on your purchace and good luck on selling the other stang.
  7. Congrats on the Fox man! You'll have a ton of fun.

    Man, if you're car wansn't an auto.....eh, I might be interested anyway.... email me at [email protected] if you want. Send me all the junk lol pics, info...

    Have fun!
  8. Congrats man. I want a hatch fox sooo bad but money just wont allow. I think a nicely done fox can look just as good as ours. Good luck with it and have fun slammin through your gears!

    5.0s forever.
  9. Bastard! I've been looking for a 90-93 LX 5.0 5-speed with ~80k on it as a project car. I came across a bone stock 89 with 72k that was for sale. It needed a new clutch, trans, and tires, which was fine by me (my pops would do it), but the retarded idiot wanted $5800 for it. I would have done $4000 max, and I still think that would have been too much. Lucky for the guy, he came across some idiot who bought it. Good luck dude.

  10. Thanks everyone. I too was "Fox-searching" when I bought my 95, however I wasn't ever TRULY happy with my purchase. The SN95 is a "little" better handling car in stock form and the interior is much better than the fox, but I feel these cars take alot more to make them faster. They are a little heavier, but there is something else too, maybe the EEC. :shrug: I think the deciding factor was the last time I went to the track, with my buddy in his stock 89 lx auto w/ 4.10s. It burns more oil than gas, is the world's finest mosquito repellant, and is a leading contender for most miles w/o a tuneup, managed to smoke my bolt-on's and performance AODE 95 by a margin of .4.

    All I know is I can mod the Fox cheaper, and be faster all together than with the SN95. Now that the wifey is sold on the 5 speed, I'm not looking back. The AODE was nice and all, (ESPECIALLY after the PI Stallion install), but my heart has longed for a stick since I signed the title.
    Again, you guys aren't shet of me yet,( So quit telling me BYE-BYE RC!!) I will be in here just as much as I have been, sharing experiences and info.

    BTW, I will SACRIFICE my car at $5,200 to one of my Stangnet friends for the sake of a quick sale, and maybe to get my car in the hands of someone who will really love it. I also have a few SN95 items I will part with.(Edelbrock intake elbow, UD pulleys, Hypertech chip for 94-95 AODE, MAYBE the PI Stallion, etc.) E-mail me at [email protected] if anyone is interested.
  11. Dont forget the 4-lug wheels and the NON anti-lock brakes :nonono:

    Problem is all of your stangnet friends already have a 94 or 95!

    I would love a 91 or 92 Silver Notch with chrome rims! :nice:

  12. there you go with teh bling, why dont you just chrome the whole car.
  13. 4 lugs and NON anti-lock doesn't mean much to me. Hell, there's gobs of 94-95 guys eliminating the ABS on their cars, and I can switch to 5 lug for a couple hundred. Besides, it's got 4 lug Cobra R's on it anywho......

    Yeah, most people here already have a SN95, but there are a few who come here looking for info BEFORE they buy one.......I DID!!!!!

    ....and as far as the 91-92 silver notch, It would be sweet, but notch prices are RIDICULOUS now, that's why I got a hatch. :shrug:
  14. well, next time you drive in the snow... or any bad weather... just remember what you used to have...

    -ABS, 4 wheel disc brakes, computer assisted power curve (very slight, but still there...) really comfortable interior, I could go on, but I think I've made my point...
  15. Jack, we're just saying these things to make you feel bad so you stay here!
    Here is a pic of a 93 Silver Notch I saw once with Y2K's in Chrome..

    A guy from work just got a pretty well beat up Notch with exhaust only. He says he is going to fix it up...We'll see!

  16. Well, the first thing I say to that is : Snow + Mustang(of any kind) = :owned:

    Second, Not that I'm a wonderful driver at all, but ABS is most useful for inexperienced drivers that have a tendency to stomp on the brakes in a critical stop situation. I'm REALLY not that concerned about losing ABS.

    Third, maybe it's the "computer assisted power retard" or curve or whatever that keeps our cars general performance down from the Foxes. :shrug: I don't think that people would be switching back to A9L's if the SN95 processor is so "superior".

    In any case, although better than the Fox interior, our's isn't exactly what I would label a "really comfortable interior" by any means.

    Bottom line is, I've weighed the options, and for all the improvements over the Fox the SN95 has, it REALLY does not justify the loss in performance between the models. If I really did not care about performance as much as I do, then MAYBE I would look at it different. I had driven Foxes before, but never owned one, my 95 is my first stang. I wished I had bought a Fox instead, but when I brought it up, everyone said how archaic the Fox was and how I would regret trading down to a dated car. Now owning both I can rightfully say...... :bs: :bs: :bs: :bs:
    It IS a different animal, but in a good way. Much more nimble, quick, and responsive than my 95. Some people complain that the Fox is a "loose" car and that the SN95 is tighter....maybe a little, but not much. Then again, the LX has subframes, so they might help.
    I love the SN95, but the Fox ROCKS!!!!!!
  17. and you know what... that's what it comes down to... as long as you're happy w/ it, nothing we say can change how you feel about your phony (I mean pony)...:D

    -seriously though, at least you didn't get like a 82 4-banger... and you didn't get the little 4.6 either... so, you're in the right family I guess...
  18. They're all Mustangs, and it's all about driving a car you love, Right?? I confided w/ you guys in the hopes I wouldn't be disowned. I love You Guys!!!

    Right now, I wouldn't own a Mustang if it wasn't a 5.0..........
  19. mabye one day you can stumble across a cheap 94-95, then you could have both :D