Going Fox.....

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by unclejackrock, Jan 6, 2004.

  1. Possibly, but I would more likely end up dumping money into one car, as opposed to buying another.....

    ......like maybe in a couple years adding a set of AFR's and custom cam. :nice:
  2. You guys shouldnt give him a hard time.. He made his choice. I do think that if his sn95 was a 5spd the choice would have been much harder.

    I do agree that the fox's are quicker "to a point".I mean look at killers times. His rival most any fox. You could even look at my times, i got some good numbers considering im running the less then ideal B cam and gt40x heads, and then theres snoozer on the stock heads.

    I do belive the major issue is the weight difference and comp, and maybe part of it is the tbody settup but i think most importantly the amount of 5.0's made between 87 and 93 is far more then the amount made for 94/95. Theres just sooo many more foxs out there, so of course theres gonna be more fast ones, and theres plenty of slow ones for the mods they have as well.

    Anyways good luck with fox, be sure to chat here still!

  3. That's what I did... but in reverse. I recently bought a '90 GT AOD car. I bought it cheap but it does need a good bit of work like a rebuild, tranny rebuild, and some cosmetic upgrades. BUT the car is 100% BONE STOCK, it even has the air silencer on it. I bought this car for one reason, to build a turbo mustang like I've alwasy wanted to, plus I always wanted to own another fox since I used to have a 2.3L 91LX that I LOVED. I was going to build a turbo motor out of my '95 but I didn't want to lose the NA reputation my car has. So as soon as I make up my mind whether or not I'm staying with a 302 or switching to a 351 I will start the rebuilding process.

    I've said this for years and it is exactly why I think this "stereotype" of 94-95's being slower than the foxes exist, there is some truth in it, but not as much as most make it out to be.