going from 15" tires to 17". do i need a new donut/spare other then default one?

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  1. i have the default donut /spare tire that came with my 2000 stang. with the increase in tire size do i need a bigger spare?
  2. u should be alright, just dont ride on it for to long :nice:
  3. are you running tloc? if so running different size tires will toast it in no time
  4. Is there any difference between the GT donut and the V6 donut?

    As long as you keep the same overall diameter of the tire/rim combination there shouldn't be an increase of problems while running on the donut (I know, run on it straight to the tire dealer), unless you get bigger brakes that the 15" donut can't clear. Am I correct on that as well?
  5. I went to 17s from 15s on mine and have had to use the factory donut a couple times. No problems. Just as with any donut, don't ride on it too long.
  6. thanks fellas.
  7. I have 17" and have had like 7-8 flats. So I've put on TONS of milage on my factory spare, even would drive on it at normal speeds. I got the car used when it was 4 years old, its 10 now, so who know actually how much road that spare has seen.

    Anyways, I kept my stock 15 wheels. So I thought one time Id use that as my spare. When I got my real tire repaired, I noticed that I could not fit my 15" in my trunk. I mean, I could, just not where the stock spare sat hidden. We've done this with a mercury capri. When it got new wheels, we kept one stock wheel as a full sized spare and it fit. Weird?
  8. Yep, factory spare will still fit unless your brakes have been upgraded to a size.... :)
  9. Yeah, it works if you go to 17's from 15's cuz the even though the wheel is 2 inches bigger, the tire is about 2 inches smaller..... So theres really not enough of a change in overall diameter...
  10. Should i be alright since i got 18's?ANDY