Going Kenne Bell (again)

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by BlackVert, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. you guys are going to say, "sure" and roll your eyes, because i keep saying i'm doing a power adder and then i abort before i finish it. and you'd be right in flaming me because i probably deserve it. :flame: :owned:

    first it was Joe's kenne bell, but i aborted that because i didn't have the money and felt really guilty because i hadn't told the wife about it.

    then i was going turbo, and i had all the stuff, but i aborted that because we bought a house and my summer was eaten up selling ours and all the moving stuff.

    well it turns out the the guy who bought that beautiful turbo kit mike fabbed (jr's friend) has a 1.8 liter kenne bell that he just had rebuilt. it was a 1.5 liter one but mr. bell upgraded him to 1.8 liters. polished too! :nice: he is selling it to me, along with a bunch of other stuff for installing it and pulleys for 6#, 8#, and 10#. the price is right, it is an easy install, my wife knows about it, i am getting a good bonus from work to pay for it ...

    :banana: :spot: the best of both worlds! now all i need is my 331 stroker!

    here's the tech part:

    - he is including 30# injectors, they should be big enough, right?
    - should i upgrade my fuel pump, get the boost-a-pump, or leave it alone?

    - chris
  2. 30 lb. injectors should be good for your setup, and I would get a 255 in tank pump and be set. A friend of mine did that exact setup on a 88 LX and man was it a blast, extremely streetable as well. You never knew it was there (quiet and stealthy) until you gave it a little gas, then hang on! Congrats on your purchase.
  3. i have the 255 intank and it works great, and like was said, the blower is so quiet, but gas it and hold the f on
  4. Slap it on, get a good tune, and prepare to have fun. A Mustang with a power adder is just incredible. My car has been a dream since the blower addition. I have had it on there for almost 3 years and I still say "wow" everytime I hit the go pedal.
  5. KB's are pretty cool, love mine. I see you have a tweecer, any good with it? Soon I'm going to swap out the Maf and injectors (to 30's as well), thinking about a switch chip from KB, but the tweecer sounds more fun, I just wouldn't know where to start with it, digging up and reading all the old posts and sites about it now. Have you looked at KB's site, they swear against bigger pumps, but they also sel the boost a pump, so....up to you. I still got my instruction book if you need any copies, but piece of cake to install. As for it being quiet, mine has a nice whine to it, not too loud but noticeable, I just say its a whiny PS pump, then let it rip. Goodluck
  6. Its gonna be a beast dude!
  7. I think at the low boost level, you should be ok with the 30's, but we all know how long that will last. Get a set of 42s and get a 255 pump like some others have said, and you'll be fine. Or at least your engine will be, I'm sure your tires will hurt with full boost at 2000rpms. lol :spot:
  8. 30's willl NOT be enough...I ran LEAN up top with 30's and NO FMU.(STOCK HEADS/CAM and upgraded fuel pump).WE had to slap the FMU on. I since changed to 36's

  9. i thought you had (have) a vortech :shrug:
  10. I do...how else could I have run lean on 30's

    WE put the Vortech on...ON the dyno, The car peaked at 386 hp under boost with stock heads/cam...The AFR leaned out at 13.5 with 30's and NO FMU. We put the FMU on (8:1) and ran super lean, and back down to about 350 HP.
    I left it there until I put on 36's...I took off the FMU under the assumption that 36's were ok since the 30's were just a little short.

    Look around....I guarantee you there is NOBODY around here running 30's with boost unless they are running an FMU...

    I have an FMU with Bleed valve That I have gotten around to selling on Ebay yet if youre interested..

  11. sorry, i was assuming too much. centrifugal blowers like vortech get stronger and stronger as the rpms increase. the combination of the high rpms and the increased boost at those high rpms can certainly max out 30# injectors. i can see that, and i would definately go with bigger injectors if i were getting a centrifugal s/c. properly sized turbos also behave like this, even more so. but ...

    twin screw blowers like the kenne bell do not behave like centrifugal s/c's or turbos. they start off strong, but they drop off in the upper rpms, so they end up not being able to push as much air in the upper rpms as a vortech. therefore, it is not as obvious to me that a kenne bell will max out 30#ers because it makes max boost in an rpm range that is low enough that the injectors are likely to be able to keep up with.

    - chris
  12. lol, man you change your mind too much.

    I would still like to see pictures of the guys car/engine bay that you sold the kit to.. Curious how it all worked out. He doesnt post on here does he?
  13. I don't think 30's are enough on a power adder combo of any kind with the intent of using no FMU.

    Why take the chance?

  14. i thought all kb's came with an FMU?
  15. He's buying it used.

    Again, as I said above....I dont believe you'll find any member on our boards with a power adder, 30's and NO FMU.

  16. Sell the 30's and use the money to buy some 42's, should still be a good out of pocket price for some new 42's after all is said and done.
  17. It's the same one I was using and I was maxing out the 30# injectors. I put in my 42's and it ran fine with just a 255 in tank.
  18. ok you guys have convinced me.

    42#ers and a 255 lpg pump it is.

    i'm also going to get a ported stock lower from tmoss and sell my tfs street heat intake.

  19. I agree. Pony up and buy the 42's. Buy them NEW. Sell the 30's to defer some of the cost.
  20. i had my reasons for aborting the other projects .... i have no reasons this time tho

    he was going to take his time and do it right, i think he said he was shooting for finishing in the spring

    i dunno, i don't think so, but he is guarddog on turbomustangs.com