Going Kenne Bell (again)

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  1. Red RTV. Put a 1/2" bead across the block surface, and let it tack up before setting the intake on. It usually takes about 10 minutes or less, just keep feeling it to see when it gets sticky.
  2. what about these 2 blue things that came with the fel-pro gasket kit?

    and do i put some adhesive or something on the gaskets to keep them from moving while i am trying to get the intake positioned?


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  3. Should be using BLACK RTV for this.
  4. I don't, but you can. The rear seal has a nipple sticking out of it that gets pressed into a hole in the block to help hold it, but a little ultra black rtv on the bottoms of the seals will hold them good if you give the rtv time to cure. That is the MS 93334 kit and I hold it's quality in high regard. Once the gaskets are in place, spot rtv at the ends of the seals per the instructions. I've never had this kit leak in any way when properly installed.
  5. gaskets ...

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  6. got the gasket surfaces clean ... took 1 1/2 hours :(

    it's a real pain to get the gasket shavings out of these things ... is a toothbrush the best?

    or do i not have to worry about it?

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  7. Yes, I would worry about it - use a shop vac and a small screwdriver or whatever - you can't keep and engine too clean.
  8. Even with my engine sealed, I ALWAYS use a shop vac while IM doing things in the engine that move metal or dirt around.

    EXAMPLE: When I drilled the extra hole for my 4-bolt C/C plates, I kept the shop vac right at the point of drilling, so that no metal would blow around the engine bay, even though everything was closed off...Cant be TOO careful.
  9. i knew someone was going to say it. a toothrush did a really good job getting the stuff out tho.

    time to go buy a shop vac and a torque wrench.
  10. the lower is in, but i have questions:

    the injectors feel like they should be tighter, but i can't get them in any further, do they look right?

    what is this hole for at the back of the intake?

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  11. HOw did the Holley lower line up with the head runners?
  12. it looked good to me, but i'm not much of an expert at this stuff ...

    any thoughts on the questions? i really don't think the injecters are all the way in, can i tap them ever so lightly with a hammer (with the protective plastic covers still on the tops)?
  13. I wouldnt force them in with a hammer....if they arent popping all the way in then something is wrong i think. Either the injector or intake. Is each injector seated at the same place? What injectors are they? Where did they come from?
  14. Might help if you lightly oil the O rings.

  15. ya try a little oil, when you bolt your fuel rails down it should push em all in nice and tight and hold them there.

    BTW whats goin on with your dist, is it missing a piece or something?
  16. they are ford 42# injectors

    i'll try it

    the rotor is not all the way down and the cap and the piece it connects to are not in yet
  17. what is this? some fuel system thing i know ...


    the injectors say: 280 150 558 on one side, i got them off ebay, and they were in a FRPP box. i assume they are legit. :shrug:

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  18. well the injectors still won't go in any farther with the oil on them. i am starting to think that is the way they are supposed to be, but they just seem like they should be tighter.

  19. fmu

  20. i don't need it with the tweecer and the walbro and the 42#ers, right?

    and what is this hole for at the back of the intake?

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