Going Kenne Bell (again)

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by BlackVert, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Sounds good Chris, keep us posted! I hope that you do in fact have that thing running by New Years!
  2. Nice work....keep us updated!!

  3. Gonna need some wider tires or run DOT drag radials with the torque your going to have.........best of luck.....
  4. :stupid: :Word:
  5. Dude you guys are great, make me feel like I could do anything with my car with stangnets help.
  6. 12/29 update: it was a nice day so i got some work done.

    i extended the coil wire and the iat sensor wires and moved the coil to the area just above the tfi module. since i couldn't decide where to put it, i ended up taking both wheels off and both of those plastic/rubber wheel well liner thingies out. my wife was really embarassed because she worries about what the neighbors think and i was working out in the driveway right by the street.

    i don't care what the neighbors think, but i do wish i had a garage ...

    anyway, i also connected the maf to the throttle body and started working out how the piping to the fenderwell is going to work. i have two 90 degree bends, but i'm not too worried about it because the maf is all the way up next to the throttle body, and there is about 8" or so from the last bend to the maf. i am making it out of pvc; i plan to paint it a silver/chrome color.
  7. i feel the same way. i have never done anything like this, but the guys here are great and i'm sure they'd do anything they could to help if i got stuck or had any questions.
  8. gee, i'm sort of out of money for any big purchases right now, heh. this k/b project has probably set me back about 3G so far

    wanna start a "get chris wider rims and tires" fund? i would love some of those deep dish fr500's ...
  9. You just sounded like a bi-curious teenage male at a drunken frat party for a second there. :rlaugh:
  10. um ..... ok ......

    just to set the record straight, i'm 45 and straight.

  11. .....and immune to humor too, I see?
  12. sorry, it's late and i'm kinda brain dead right now. and 18 and drunk was a really long time ago for me.

    you must be referring to the "i've never done anything like this before"

  13. So you think you'll make the first of the year to start it up?
  14. :lol:
    I thought you were like a 20 something single guy. Youre older than me :rlaugh:

    J/K! Glad it's coming along...My wife has just learned to ignore me when Im working on the car.. Now, when Joe or Rog come over and help out, that's a different story.

    Keep us updated on the progress!
  15. i'm hoping to start it today, but i have a problem/question:

    the belt is going to hit the a/c line. can i just bend the a/c line? should i bend it up or down?


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  16. Be very careful how you bend the line - it will kink, but you probably knew that. It's best to do a series of bends rather than just one.
  17. Can't you make A/C lines with copper and solder?
  18. i dont think your belt is going to hit the a/c line... by which pulley?
  19. From the photo, it almost looks as though you could just slightly bend the A/C line to the point of clearance just by pushing it forward from the area located just behind the power steering reservoir. You’ll have to judge that area yourself to know for certain, but it would seem like the easiest course of action to me? :shrug:
  20. Nice thread, I want to see how that baby runs! I too am thinking about getting the Kenne Bell setup..