Engine Going supercharged need help

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by ked263, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Hi,as I am almost done with restoring my 03 GT by paint/bodywork/interior work and restoring all that I can of the power in the engine , " as took it for a check up, they told me my engine is running 96% of it's power"

    I was thinking of going with either turbo or supercharged

    now what I need to know is.

    usually how much power a super charger can give. to a stock/little modified engines.

    and since my car is a 2003 GT " Auto trany " can I just fit it on my GT or what other work would be needed to get the work done.

    just for example this kit here


    could it be fixed into my car, ?

    I am going for a second hand unit right now , and for a low stage ones, I wanna try them first before going with anything more advance or pro.
  2. You can expect something between 350 and 400 rear wheel HP depending on boost level and the type of forced induction you use. If you stick to that sort of power level and use a complete kit there's not a whole lot more you need to do. A good kit will include upgraded injectors, a fuel pump or a high-voltage booster for the stock pump. It may also include a tune or plug-in chip for calibration.

    Yes, a Tork Tech kit can be fitted to your car.
  3. ok so as far as for my reading ,
    in addition of these kits on ebay, to get it fit into my GT (v2) I will need a TorkTeck Kit, which is something like this ...

    did anyone here finish or did this swap before and can help me with this , I am a noob in these things LOL