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  1. so my 94 gt has the 220 horse motor with 70 mm bbk throttlebody,bbk cold air intake carter 255 lph fuel pump, msd wirres coil and distributor, stock maf and fpr, now when i first started driving this after the mods it was pretty good on gas...... i have the timing set at 10 degrees, its now a gas guzzling pig
    i know i need a tune and a maf(not in that order) but i wanna wait till i get my bbk headers on and take out the x pipe and cats aircare is done this year in vancouver.
    anyway i was wondering if there is anything i can do to help fuel milage untill i get the money to finish should i tune it now then retune it? how much will a tune cost me?

    also is it the shortys or the long tubes that will bolt up to stock collecter location.

    thanks for the advice

  2. First and cheapest thing you should do is clean your MAF sensor. Sounds like to me most of yor problem is right there. When is thelast time you changed spark plugs air filter fuel filter???? All of those effect MPG but that MAF is a must. It talks to the computer so it must work correctly or else it will make any car run terrible. Go get some MAF cleaner from Autozone and spray away!!!!
  3. +1^. The computer (ECU) doesn't need nor can it be tuned directly. When we speak of a tune-up it generally means new plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, air and fuel filters and cleaning the MAF sensor element (needs to be removed to be cleaned). I would increase the timing to 12* and stay with 87 octane. If there is knock or pinging something else is at play. Also, because the vacuum lines are old and some are plastic you might want to pick up some vacuum hose in a couple of ID sizes, probably 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and 1/2". It's cheap by the foot.
  4. ive changed cap,rotor,plugs,wires,coilneww bbk cold air intake and the throttle body,fuel pump all with in the last 2-3 months, never cleaned the maf sensor though....so you cant tune the ecu on this car?
  5. Yes, you can tune the ECU with a piggy back chip. How old are your O2 sensors?

  6. the x pipe, cats and o2 sensors where new when i got it end of may
  7. Like everyone else said clean that MAF sensor and I think you will find some of your missing mpg. With your current mods you stock MAF will flow enough so no real need to replace it. As far as the headers go you will need the shorty headers if you don't want to replace your x-pipe. The long tubes will require a swap to a short mid pipe.
  8. great thanks....i talked to a place here for a tune....think its worth it?whats the gains? he told me around 600 for dyno and tune?
  9. You will be wasting your money on a piggy back tuning chip at this stage. Almost assuredly you problem is a dirty or failed MAF. If you are planning on keeping the car your best friend will be a code reader for $22.
  10. so you dont think ill gain any hp,torque or throttle response?