Going To Be Releasing Three Versions Of The Cobra Upholstery...

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  1. I always like to say that here at TMI when our customers talk - we listen - and try our best to accommodate. Weather it's lending a hand in making a Terminator seat with a bright PINK suede insert (i have photos, it happened) or maybe rethinking a new product launch to better fit the opinions shared on a forum. (low back R500's coming soon!) - I try to do my best to make it happen.

    That said - We came out with the reproduction 03-04 Cobra seats a little over two years ago - and they've been very popular. But there have been a few issues.
    94-98 Guys can upgrade their factory bucket seat frames using foam and upholstery to be a Cobra, Bullitt or Mach 1 - but the back seat was still an issue as the pattern would not fit.
    99-04 Guys can do the same front bucket upgrade - but again, the lower portion of the back seat had a different center section from the GT to the Coba - it will fit, but it's not a perfect fit.

    So this is what I'm going to do.

    There will soon be THREE cobra kits.

    1) 1994-98 Upgrade kit - this kit will offer the 03-04 Cobra front bucket foam and upholstery as before, but the vinyl used will be the proper 94-98 Black vinyl and not the Dark Charcoal that the 03-04 sets were made in. This kit will also have a specially designed rear seat that will maintain the shape of the 94-98 GT rear upholstery - but will have suede inserts along with the Cobra insert pattern and spacing.
    (the ever present downside for these years, is that the rear seat will still have to have the original upholstery 'skinned' off of the factory foam, and reused with our new upholstery and it's new attachment method.)

    2) 1999-04 Upgrade kit - this kit will have the stock 03-04 Cobra front bucket foam and upholstery just like the kit above and this kit will also be getting a newly improved upon rear seat upholstery. Again I will be taking a stock GT rear seat pattern and altering the inserts pattern and material to mimic the factory Cobra rear seat.

    3) 2003-04 Cobra Replacement kit - this kit is what we have on the market now, a factory replacement for the original Cobra upholstery - again, these front buckets will fit any SN - but the rear seat is a Cobra specific rear seat.

    I've already talked to a few of our larger Authorized Dealers and they agree this will be a worthwhile way to fill in the gaps and eliminate any issue of a rear seat 'scavenger hunt' to make a Cobra kit fit in your car.

    It will more than likely be the end of Feb before I'm able to get all of these new options available.

  2. do you do 10th anniversary seats?
  3. 10th cobra seats? yes.
    On our site and I know CJ's & LRS also have them up.
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  4. I've been looking at the TMI 01 cobra seats for a while, but the main issue is the availability of headrest foam. It needs to be offered separately. I've got stock seats in my '00 GT so I can't reuse my stock headrests, just like most other GT/base model owners. If there are IUP headrests on a set of seats for sale, they won't part with the headrests no matter the condition of the seats. I've seen one pair for sale and the seller was wanting $250.

    I hope I didn't come across as angry. It's all in good faith as I'd love to have a set of TMI seats in my car soon, and would like to help your business with ideas.

    Are there any plans for GT style cloth parchment?
  5. Believe me - we've thought of that. But it's not a product we are going to produce here unfortunately.
    However, we do sell the GT headrest covers separate - so you can use the Cobra seat foam/upholstery and simply recover your GT headrest to match.
    You would just have the short headrest as opposed to the IUP tall headrest.