going to buy a CAI for my fender. suggestions

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  1. since i pulled a code saying my mass air ground is messed. im just going to take this as a sign to junk that mass air and move it down into the fender :D

    i was told C&L? is complete junk. and steer clear from them. and that pro-m wasnt bad. any suggestions/links to some setups that mount down in my fenderwell? or that would work good with my setup?

    pictures are appreciated :flag:

    thanks again
  2. What does that do for you power wise? Anything I cant see how that helps at all
  3. You seem confused, or I totally missed your point.

    A CAI doesn't move your MAF into the fender, just the air filter. Unless you get an AFM PowerPipe, as those actally move the MAF into the fender.

    You can get a MAC, BBK or anything else you can find to put your filter in the fender, they're all the same damn thing with a different name on the package.

    My old MAC cold air kit, before I got my blower w/a Powerpipe:


    They help by pushing cold air into the engine. Cold air = more power. By putting the MAF into the fender, it makes the engine read colder air, which = even more power
  4. well no. hardly anything. maybe when im at 50+mph itll help a slight bit.
    maybe i didnt word it right.
    but i want to move the filter to the fender. AND get a new M/A sensor also.
    sorry for the confusion.
  5. I have a C&L and it is flawless. I also have a BBK CAI for sale. Check out the TRADER.
  6. I've got a mac, and it does just fine, and I had a bbk on my old one and it did just fine also. as for the c&l I've heard alot of pro's and con's about it. I think alot of it has to do with how good of shape your maf sensor is in before you get the c&L.
  7. as said before, it doesnt matter what you get, they are all pretty much the same. if you dont care about looks, get the moroso kit. it goes just from your MAF to the fender and is black plastic, blends in really well looks almost stock. i had it on my 91 and it gave me a slight benefit, but mostly just a cool whooshing sound when i cracked the throttle
  8. i am with you dave...i think i missed something too :(

    but i have the mac cai and it works fine...looks just like the above pic

    and i have a pro-m and i have had no problems with it....many people say theirs is picky and has to be on just so but mine doesn't seem to notice a difference one way or another :nice:
  9. I have the mac cai and it works awesome, and looks cool, except I wish the fittings were black or something besides lifgt blue.(Dosen't match anything in my engine bay)
  10. Unless you just like the look of the cold air kits, don't put one in expecting more power. See the link below - a good flat panel filter in the stock box with the silencer removed performs just as well. As for the maf - my pro-m has worked flawlessly.

  11. CAI only are for looks

    AFM horsepower pipes make power.

    I picked up over 9 hp going to the AFM pipe w/ ProM 80
  12. Maybe a closer to stock vehicle wouldn't benefit from it but a medium modded+ vehicle will probably benefit from the CAI than just the plain box with k&n.
  13. yeah get a mac, basically for looks, i have heard many cars and seen many cars that have teh BBK and it rattles against the strut tower..and its soo annooying...if u look thru cardomain sometime u see people with a rag or something around the cai where it touches the strut tower. my friend also has this prob. just go with mac but dont expect much.
  14. Get a Moroso kit, Its not going to give you a lot of hp, but its more functional than the chrome pipes that retain heat.
  15. I disagree.
    the stock airbox without the silincer is basically a CAI
  16. Here is a second vote for the Moroso kit. I was never a fan of the chrome or polished pipe.
  17. you guys misunderstood me :p
    i want a new mass air SENSOR. and a CAI to put the filter in the fender.
    i dont really care which cai i get. its just a tube.. cant make a difference either way.

    but which sensor do you suggest?
    im leaning toward getting a pro-m.. just need to figure out if the fuel injectors on my fox are stock or not before i place the order

    heres what im lookin at: http://www.jegs.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ProductDisplay?prrfnbr=45243&prmenbr=361

    the main reason im doing this is because when i scanned for codes. we picked up one saying my mass air ground was bad. and my car starts up horribly when cold. and he said my mass air is probably crapping out on me

    so what do you guys think of these pro-ms?

  18. Hey Where can I find one of those AFM horsepower pipes online? I cant seem to find one. Thanks in Advanced
  19. pro-m all the way if your going to mod the rest of your car but if your planning on keeping it stock the c&l will work. I personally like pro-m over c&l cause there calibrated for different conditions such as stock, fenderwell or straight cai kits, blower type applications. And because of this you tend to have less problems and more compatiability, than the c&l counterparts.