going to buy a CAI for my fender. suggestions

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by staticc, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. I would say get underdrive pulleys if you dont already have them befor you get CAI.

  2. yeah ive heard terrible things about c&l on cars with lots of mods..

    but anyways. im going to order the one i listed few posts up 5.0 chrome cold air tuned. and probably pick up a bbk CAI kit...

    i *think* the mass air sensor on my car right now is stock. its a ford sensor, so im not sure.. i wrote down the numbers that were on it. maybe somebody can check for me? because it was giving me problems either way

  3. get a MAC, im tellin u...the knocking will drive u nuts if u get one that does it. never seen a mac that does it
  4. yeah i have a vibration problem also. mostly from the warped flywheel probably. so, it would probably be even worse for me. thanks for the input ill go mac for tha CAI.
  5. moroso, the plastic doesnt get hot and its cheaper. and it blends in very well in an otherwise stock engine bay
  6. not for nothing, but fix all the problems before you add power.

    Check the dampner, and the motor mounts, before the flywheel.
  7. yeah i need to do the flywheel too. but the mass air is part of the problem. i pulled a code saying my mass air ground is bad. so i figured this is an excuse to get a bigger/better sensor, and move it to the fender for some extra room, nicer look...

    but yeah ill check into the mounts and dampner before i do this. that could really f. stuff up if i let it go too long.
  8. your not gonna gain much room, except the airbox will be gone...mass air meter is staying where it is