Going to drive 2011 5.0 tomorrow.

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by mokabo, Nov 8, 2009.

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  1. I think i know this wanabe! I used to work with a guy at a AT&T cell store last year that used that stupid MOKABO name for everything and this guys older bro did work for roush and was a nice guy from
    what i remember. But john (thats his real name if i have the correct guy) was a tool and a half. And he dosent live in fl , at least not then we where in denver where roush dose have a facility. Its funny if
    this tool gets his older bro fired just cuz hes tryin to look cool on some site.
  2. This guy's IP resolves to Lehigh Acres, Florida. Different guy, unless he moved.
  3. Ya'll should have waited to call him on it. It would have been interesting to see what would have been posted.
    Now all the popcorn is gone. :)
  4. I dunno, Dan was nice enough to join today just to post backup for this guy :rolleyes:
  5. Are Dan and Ninja from Florida too?
  6. OK guy's what uve all been waiting for my final report on the new 2011 mustang!!!!

    Lets start with the new motor it was developed in a joint venture between ford and nasa. Its made out of 42% crushed then molded moon rocks , 22% trilitheum , 2% copper and the rest is compound #67345-72-fu. The reason for this is it comes in at just 44lb, wow! The car gets over 80mpg because of a new obd-10 computer program called the fuel sipper <yes that is how they spell it. as for the rest of the
    car this is the best part. ----wait what was that-----ther are special secret roush agents bursting in to the house i there comeing up the stairs !!! ok really fast the rest of the car is built onnnnnnnnnn.

    This is roush special agent #99 you are all in violation of roush mandate #7, please forget what you have just read thank you and have a nice day.
  7. BAN this MOFO
  8. I agree this is the stupidest wast of 2min ive ever wasted, ban him now PLEASE.
  9. his last post was kind of amusing. i hear Kelso yelling BURNED!!!!!!!! right now
  10. Well there are quite a few less text-style words than I would have immagined for his post.

    Just for you bro,

    Ther R a few less txt werds then I would have thoughted for yer post
  11. For the record......

    I admit that I am a smart butt most of the time and sorry if what I said was miscommunicated. The poem was suppose to be ironic and humurous.

    Maybe bad taste on my part......but NO I'm do not know this WAD and I'm really from Tennessee.

    I only took the time to write and let anyone reading know that I want to be a GOOD member. I just bought a mustang a few weeks ago and have been on this site approx 4-6 hours a day ever since. I LOVE it.

    ~It was late and I was bored.....that's why I replied with my stupid poem. nuff said.:Zip2:
Thread Status:
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