SN95 Going To Dyno Tomorrow

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  1. That is all
  2. Ps: hamburger helper image.jpg

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  3. Dyno day Saweeet :flag:
  4. Well, what happened?
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  5. Do tell!
  6. Must be at work still :shrug:
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  7. Longest damn dyno pull I've ever heard of. Hope they aren't charging him by the hour.
  8. maybe something happened while doing the dyno,
    ...hope not :eek:
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  9. Was thinking that, didn't want to be the one to bring it up though.
  10. i was pretty nervous when that was going on with my DD too :rlaugh:
    i can laugh now cause it went pretty good with my P heads-Ecam cause the car sat for a number of years.
    Wasn't sure what the hell was gonna' go down that day!!!
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  11. image.jpg Ha ez fellas it was this morn but I had to work after a d didn't have time to report but she's running.
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  12. T'was indeed. 250k English muffins per shift.
  13. MMM. Gluten!