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  1. I need a new daily driver. my 78 cutliss is for sale. I think iam going get a ford probe GT what do you think of that car? I love them there not to slow i've been test driven them and they move. how's the relibilty?
  2. no reply's uh i dont like this site :lol:
  3. my cousin has a 92(?) probe, non GT, it has 150k+ miles and runs good....drips a little bit of oil, but what do you expect...If you can find one real cheap, then it would be a good car to get :D
  4. STOP they are the biggest POS ford/mazda came out with. They are good until they break THEN watch out they will drain you or your hard earned $$. I had a friend that went through 3 trannys, 6 dizzy's (yes six), and leakes every where find your elf an escort they will FOREVER...
  5. I've heard similar stories about probes. I guess they are really expensive to repair, but the one I test drove(GT) was pretty quick and fun, tho.

    If you can find a first gen Taurus SHO, those are pretty good cars. They can get expensive too, but they seem pretty reliable. My cousin had over 170K on his and it still ran good....The suspension was wore out and there was a problem with the shifter linkage, but those kind of problems can be expected at that mileage. He ran a 10.2 in the 1/8 with it bone stock with around 140K at the time.
  6. Dare I say it but how about a civic the hx or dx(not sure of the model) damn things get near hybrid type mileage. just dont rice it out LOL!