Going to my first dyno tune soon, and have some questions...

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by ratio411, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. We have a 94 GT with AODE tranny and SCT multi-bank chip with Bama canned tune.

    306, 2800 stall, 4.10 gears, E-cam, 170 E-brock heads, 9.5:1...

    The canned tune is a PITA and when we had it revised by Bama, the car was down for a couple weeks while we waited on the chip. The car is my son's driver, so that is not acceptable.

    We are taking the car to a local tuner to have done right...

    Some of the problems we are having, and therefore questions I have, revolve around the idle and cold start.

    1: Can the target idle be set in the tune?
    Right now the ECM wants the idle at around 900-950, and nothing short of unplugging the IAC will get the idle lower. We like how the car runs at around 700-750 (when warm), and would like the ECM to target that rpm, instead of the higher.

    2: If the target idle can be tuned, can the warm target idle be tuned at one amount, and the cold start idle be tuned for another amount? The target idle of 900-950 that seems to be the ECM's current goal is perfect for cold start, so we would like to keep that, but want it to go lower when the engine warms some. Is this going to be possible?

    3: Not so much a question, but an observation... When the car is in it's cold loop (forgot if that was "open" or "closed"), the car is dumping fuel. It stinks of raw gas, and the engine usually dies several times as it warms up, it smokes, and floods... When you go to restart cold, you have to put the pedal down to shut off the fuel injectors, or it will never start, it will just stink to high heaven of raw gas. Once the engine gets warmed, this all goes away, and it starts and runs much better, although still not right, and still rich.

    Anyway, my biggest concerns are going to be if the tuner can do one set tuning for the open loop, including target rpm, and a different target rpm and tune for the closed loop. ???

    Another thing, when we find a tune that works, if you have a multi-bank chip, are most tuners okay with burning that tune into all the banks, and maybe just making the difference between banks harder shift points?

    Or would you recommend something else in each bank, like a summer tune in one and a winter tune in another?


    I just want to have an idea of what to talk to the tuner about, and know in advance of his limitations. Maybe you guys can help. He claims he can do ANYTHING, and just answered a quick "Yes" to any questions, but he seemed rushed. Maybe I just want to feel warm and fuzzy, and I am worrying too much?