Going To Surprise My Nephew,64 1/2 Mustang Coupe

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  1. ok , i am tring to get Nick to sign on to stang net. let him take over ,after all it is his car now. i think we have come up with the perfect screen name. his last name is Schmidt. so we were just thinking, horse schmidt.:scratch: just seems perfect doesnt it?:nice: he likes it he just needs a pic to go with it. maybe his dog hoody . well ,we will just have to see.
  2. Made an account Jim
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  3. cooool, we will have to start on the rear end,sand blasting,painting and assembly.
    you can start your own thread and take over :nice:
  4. unless your going to be doing the thread just have him continue the update on your thread...
  5. good idea
  6. Car is coming along great and looking better already. I can already really gonna be a beauty when she's all done and shinning.Really thankful to have uncles like mine doing this for me.
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  7. hey Nick,i am going to order the driver front fender tomarrow. that will be the last body panel we need . that will just leave the holes to be filled in in the quarters where the shelby side scoops will go , and rolling the wheel lip on the driver fender . then we will be ready to do the body work.
  8. i ordered the driver side front fender . i decided to give Dynacorn a try.
    the last 2 ford tooling fenders were terrible .they didnt fit up to the door correctly and the top of the cowl. should be here middle of next week.
  9. Hey Jim has the new driver side fender come in yet
  10. not yet , i ordered all of my sheet metal at the same time .going to be a very big shipment. supposed to be here thursday. not sure where i will keep all of it
    i will let you know when it arrives.
  11. Great deal and awesome project. What are you plans for the drivetrain? If you going to dress up the exterior of the car, I'd build up a peppy engine to match. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to to a V8 conversion. You guys could to a tri power I6 with a clifford header etc.
  12. it will be a 289 with a c4 . the c4 has a stall converter and shift kit. the 289 will be a mild build,forged pistons /10-1 ,comp cams 270 H ,roller timing chain ,edelbrok performer, a holly 600 and headman headers. should be a prety good package.
  13. i got Nicks front fender today, NOT GOOD. it is strait but the fit up to the door is terrible. it has a 1/2 inch gap will not go back far enough . i will have to cut the inner brace loose and slide it forward ,bend the bottom of the fender down and take the bow out of the door end .the ford fender was just about as bad .going to take some work .:nonono: _MG_3372.JPG _MG_3374.JPG _MG_3375.JPG
  14. That's too bad, is it worse than the your friends that you put on the car to see how it fit.
  16. about the same fit but looks fixable all we can do is try.
  17. Are they repro doors? I ended up welding the edge of the doors to match the fenders and quarters to bring the gap down to 3/16" on mine. I figured it was the reproduction doors that were the problem.
  18. it's the fenders ,i tried them up to a origional door. the ford fender is strait instesd of having a curve where it meets the door. and the inner brace is located wrong it tne dynacorn fender.the dynacorn fender will fit better after i drill loose the brace and slide it back a little.and take out the bow.
  19. _MG_3382.JPG i did some work on the dynacorn fender this morning.i had to grind about 3/16
    out of the center of the fender and re weld the edge and i taped the edge of the door to get the gap right. the top at the cowl was to tall right beside the cowl so i had to grind it down. i bent the bottom down and took the bow out of the side .now we have a good fit and nice gap. the black coating is going to have to be removed ,it flakes off at the edges so i will take it down to bare metal. i tried the headlight extention and it fit fairly good ,a little knocking around at the front edge and it will be good. this fender fit a little better than the ford did. i am going to roll a wire into the wheel lip and it should be a good looking fender now. View attachment 81493 View attachment 81494 View attachment 81494 View attachment 81493