Going To Surprise My Nephew,64 1/2 Mustang Coupe

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  1. i got the gap looking real good now i still need to build up the upper edge a little with a mig then grind it to fit but i am happy with it now. the bottom at the rocker needs a little work. there is supposed to be about a 1 inch line across the bottom of the fender and it just rounds down,a pair of flanging pliers and i can bend in the line. i rolled the wheel lip with a 1/8 inch wire inside. it came out dent free and it is very strong .we have all the body panels now _MG_3386.JPG _MG_3388.JPG _MG_3387.JPG _MG_3390.JPG
  2. Sweeeet, that's good to hear it was fixable
  3. So this nephew must be in 40's by now.

    Any progress? o_O
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  4. No progress ,he has no time to work on it and neither do i ...but some day soon i hope
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  5. We will start working on it again pretty soon ,he is trying to get a job as a corrections officer in Fresno ,he gets that he will have a little money to play with. 20170604_115248.jpg 20170604_115218.jpg
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  6. Toss the body panels back on, throw some glass in, then rob an entire drive-train from a Fox. :D

    Instant Rat-Rod. Just put the exhaust on the outside somehow. o_O
  7. If that's a recent photo-looks like it's held up well while sitting the last 5 years
  8. Those cool looking race stripes up the trunk lid are condensation drips in the dirt on the lid ,they go over the roof and down the cowl ...most paint shops couldnt get them that straight :rlaugh:
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  9. just taken ,the primer held up well ,it has been in the car port all this time
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  10. just taken ,the primer held up well ,it has been in the car port all this time