Going to T&J Performance soon (upgrades)

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by DeadLurker, Dec 18, 2003.


Which pulley size would you go with?(considering I'm still on the stock block)

  1. 3.60(stock)

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  2. 3.40

  3. 3.33

  4. 3.20

  1. Just got off the phone with Tim. Looks like i'll be making the 900mile trip from NY to GA in four weeks to have them install:

    -Paxton Intercooler
    -Steeda Powerpipe
    -3.20 Pulley
    -Mini Race
    -Steeda Lca's

    And if need be, tune my car if the steeda tune doesn't produce the a/f i'm looking for.

    Can't wait :D

    (I'm crossing my fingers that we don't get a snow storm that week which prevents me from making my trip :notnice: )
  2. Slippin and slidin. :rlaugh:
  3. I'm on the kiddie slide compared to you. :crazy:
  4. Ah yes, but give it time! :D
  5. I am sure he will make it worth the trip :nice:
  6. I wish I could make the trip to T & J one day...I would have to put my car on a barge from San Juan to Jacksonville and then drive all the way up their shop. That would be a cool adventure!
  7. :eek:

    I knew you would be looking for more power sooner or later. :nice:

    My question is, how much power do you think you'll be making after this set of mods? Even with Tim tuning it, I would be afraid of putting that much power into the stock bottom end (mainly because I would never take the thing out of WOT :nice: ).

    <------- Thinks you're going to break down and go forged while you're there, and come home with some insane 500RWHP 2V. :eek:
  8. Keep us ATL guys updated as to when you roll into town. Always fun meeting the out of state folks.
  9. Sounds great! I might have to make that same trip to get a dyno tune sometime. But i'm lucky enough to not have to drive 900 miles...yuck.
  10. Didnt know you'd be going this soon. Let me know when, maybe I will go down with ya if I can weasle outta work for a bit.
  11. DeadLurker: Sounds like fun. I'll be shipping him my EEC in Feburary so if you see it at Tim's shop, stop by and say "hello" to it.
  12. I think you'll be very happy with the work Tim, Andy, and Jeff, do. They have the setup you are getting perfected. I know of at least 10 guys with your new setup and none have had any issues. I've had 30 passes at the track, some in 90 degree weather, and no issues(except my belt breaking) :)
  13. I'll be at T&J January 16th and 17th(Friday and Saturday)
  14. Hopefully a bunch of us can get together while Kamran is down. We can have a big old T&J reunion or something. I am planning on coming down to meet him that weekend. I can bring doughnuts or something Saturday morning. (I got a hook up here in Chattanooga with Mr. Lee. He is a doughnut making fool. :D )

  15. Holycrap, what will your car be putting out then...you ever think about gettin a set of blower cams? :shrug:
  16. You suck. Bad enough I have to watch you popping off 12's at E-town. Now you will be flurting with 11's.
  17. Sorry a the stupid question - whats a Mini Race?
  18. bypass for the blower
  19. Are you really going to do all this on a stock bottom end. If it was me, I would be looking at that first.?? Maybe I'm wrong...
  20. Guys, we all know Tim will keep his tune in check. Deadlurker isn't looking for more power as much as consistency at the track. Using the intercooler will give him a more efficient combination while the pulley/pp will make up for the loss in pressure due to the intercooler. In other words he's gonna' have a more efficient combo to work with now while sustaining his current power.