Going to T&J Performance soon (upgrades)

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Which pulley size would you go with?(considering I'm still on the stock block)

  1. 3.60(stock)

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  2. 3.40

  3. 3.33

  4. 3.20

  1. hotel

    I stayed at the Fairfield Inn on Windward Pkwy. There are quite a few hotels right there. I used travelocity.com and looked for a hotel in Alpharetta. I think it was $50/night and about 15 minutes from T&J.

  2. And on a good night you might be lucky enough to see a stabbing or shooting. :rolleyes:
  3. ACK!!

    I just plan on driving down and finding a room when I get there...

  4. Only reason I said that is because Buckhead "party central" is not what is used to be.
  5. Buckhead has become lame since all the violence, freaks, ***s, shootings, stabbings, fights, etc. Too many cops.

    Go to Little 5, you'll have more fun. Maybe even Moreland Ave if want to see some serious BIG money street racing. But dont try to participate unless you can lay at least 800hp to the ground without spinning. Been there done that in the 99 TransAm.............didnt work :(
  6. Go on up to the Hwy.141 or Hwy.20 exit in Cumming. Hotels are MUCH cheaper. Winward is ok though.
  7. almost time :banana:

    btw for anyone who lives in the area and doesn't already know, a bunch of us are meeting up on friday night(hooters) and saturday(dyno day)....there are several threads about it on www.modularmustangs.net if you need more details or you can just pm me.