Going to T&J Performance soon (upgrades)

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Which pulley size would you go with?(considering I'm still on the stock block)

  1. 3.60(stock)

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  2. 3.40

  3. 3.33

  4. 3.20

  1. Exactly why I might buy a bigger heat exchanger to mount under my front bumper next year. Right now in the 30 degree temps, the intercooler does a great job. Making passes at the strip next summer, I might need the extra cooling. The next obvious step for cooler air at high boost is either KB, centrifugal or turbo. :)

  2. I just might see all you fellers around that time myself. Car should be ready right about then. :D
  3. Me too, they have about 13000 miles and two opentrack days on them. I figure I'll finish them off in the first few days after the install. Luckily I have a fresh set of Falken Azenis Sports waiting in the garage.

    I've got a dyno day setup Jan 3 :banana: Back to the garage to finish my gauge install.

    and the blower goes-
  4. ARRRRGGG!!!!

    That is it! I wlll be there 16 & 17 Jan. I can't wait to meet you all!

    I think I will call Tim and let him know we are coming and that I want to work on my front end too. My S/C should be done and I can use this an excuse to do a tune! I hope he is not booked during that time. I will find out soon!

  5. That is the same trip I did. About 900 miles for me also, for the same mods. Definately worth upgrading to the intercooler. I only wish I could go down to see the new shop also and meet more people. Have Fun
  6. Just out of curiosity, how much $$$ would be involved labor-wise for installing a forged bottom end? (Assembled shortblock)
  7. Jim-
    Come up to the shop tomorrow morning if you can. I plan on being there between 9:30-10:00 at least for a couple of hours.
  8. I heard from someone that there was a guy who brought his car all the way from Canada to Tim's shop. Now I know who. The most i've driven in one day is 500miles(modular shootout) so this trip sure will be interesting if I hit traffic.
  9. I'll be coming in from the DC area, not too bad but not a "quickie" either... LOL

  10. I think the only mods that I am having Tim do, is the new bottom end and cams. I want to do the rest myself so I can learn something and save $$$$ on labor. For example, people in my area wanted anywhere from $700-$1300 to install my Novi 2000 blower. That, guys, is ridiculuous! It wasn't that hard after all......I mean, after all those phone calls to Tim...hehe
  11. I'll be down to Tim's again in May. I don't mind the drive but I didn't do it myself, my girlfriend drove part way.

  12. oh...well i'll be driving it all by myself...oh well....that's what cruise control was invented for. :)
  13. Jim come on by,I appreciate the compliment..
    Come on down guys..

    And dont forget Jeff and Andy..They do most of the wrench turning..Im to busy talking on the phone.:)
  14. Must be nice to have a working cruise control. :(
  15. Why doesn't yours work?
  16. I was going to mention something about this, but you beat me to it.
  17. Still haven't gotten that fixed?

    Kamran: Can't wait to see how it turns out. I've been thinking of what to do next to mine as well, and those mods are looking better and better to me. I was thinking of heading up that way ('bout 700 miles for me) someday, maybe I can work it out.
  18. Keep an eye out for Troopers. When I drove down I got a ticket in N.C. :(
  19. How many did you end up getting after the tune? :)
  20. Just so you know...I'm not shooting for max power. I just decided considering T&J will be adding everything else and making sure the tune is running right I might as well put the pulley on also. If it creates too much hp I'll probably ask Tim to detune it.