Going to T&J Performance soon (upgrades)

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Which pulley size would you go with?(considering I'm still on the stock block)

  1. 3.60(stock)

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  2. 3.40

  3. 3.33

  4. 3.20

  1. I don't know how much they weigh, but it is significantly less than the stock hood and looks 10X better. I have one on my 99GT and it really sets off the car. The quality isn't that bad either.
  2. It's fiberglass isn't it.... It would look really good and since Joes car is black also, it would look very similar. You have any pics, Joe?
  3. Lemme see if I can dig any up...
  4. Freshly uploaded... since the car is black, you can't really see the hoods lines all that well. These pictures do show off how bad I need to get my car lowered though!





  5. Damn good looking hood. I had one on my last GT, you know, the one that Higgins.................. :rlaugh: Anyway, I think I am going for that hood again once I get that intercooler from Tim. Also, who has any decent looking front bumpers for the 99-01 Cobra? I had the Steeda lip, but........... :nonono: Cant find anything that tickles the fancy.

    PS...Joe, d'you get Andys car going yet? Looked like you guys were knockin that shzit out when I was there Friday night puttin in the fuel tank/pumps. Laterz.

    Oh, and JimFitzgerald.......Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards Blown99Snake. :banana: No need to cuss me up and down, I was just offering my opinion. Must'v rubbed you wrong.......Sorry
  6. :rlaugh:
  7. musta missed something there....
  8. I finally finished everything Saturday (minus the downpipe because Andy hadn't finished his trans install just yet). I'll finish the DP tomorrow and we'll be off to dyno that monster!
  9. Where are you dynoing it at? What time?
  10. What kinda numbers you think?
  11. [QUOTE='96&'01Stang]Where are you dynoing it at? What time?[/QUOTE]

    We'll probably be at DynoLAB. I don't really know what time. It really depends on if we can get the downpipe finished and all of the odds-and-ends buttoned up.
  12. I really don't want to speculate too much. It's a bone stock 1996GT, so 245rwhp/315rwtq should be a safe guess.
  13. All you boys are nuts! Tim, put my car back to stock...............I'm shootin for 14s again er for the first time! :rlaugh:

    Looks like the weekend of the 16/17 is gonna be gooood!

    DeadLurker.................6 pages? :rlaugh:
  14. You just now figured that out :shrug:

  15. Cool,so I get payed twice?:)

  16. :rlaugh: :lol:

    with 4 cylinders maybe........


  17. :lol:
  18. OK, I'm sold. That's gorgeous. :nice:
  19. Thanks! You should have seen it before it went into the shop to fix the damage my lovely wifey caused.
  20. You'll be lucky if you get paid at all..................wait a minute. :bang: :D Man, it's cold up here in Misery.